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At Kiddie Academy, our child is not just being watched, she's being educated and thriving in an environment that fosters kindness and love. She is excited to go to school each day and my husband and I take comfort in knowing she's safe and cared for each day. - Marcy R. on 11/14/2023

I love all the art works the teacher planned and my son were really enjoying doing it. My son also learned a lot good behaviors, such as throwing away the garbage, putting the toys away, and cleaning up the table. I love all the memories the teacher captured and shared with us through tadpoles app. I love to take a peek of my son during my lunch time. This is an important feature to me, because it makes me feel better whenever I miss my little one. Big THANK YOU for all teachers and staff!! - Runnan (Lucy) L. on 11/14/2023

My kids LOVE going to "school" at Kiddie Academy! I love hearing about the projects they did during the day. The things they come home talking about that they learned during the day blow my mind sometimes! - Alli D. on 11/14/2023

Great teachers, convenient hours and lunches. - Mattheus M. on 11/14/2023

Our son loves the teachers and is usually very happy to be going to daycare. - Andrew G. on 06/02/2023

I feel safe to leave my child at Kiddie Academy, and I can see my child social skills improving through smile to other people. And he's happy to see his teacher and classmates. One thing that I noticed, probably only in my child classroom, that some toys are damaged or the battery is died. I totally understand that little kids don't know how to play with their toys appropriately, and it is hard to pay attention on those details. We really appreciate all teachers hard work to keep my child safe and engaged. Thank you!! - Runnan (Lucy) L. on 06/01/2023

Absolutely recommend! Great place, wonderful staffs, amazing teachers! Nice environment and A+ clean classrooms, big safe playground for kids to play outside everyday. My son loves going there everyday, he enjoys all the classes and activities, he had made so many good friends and is very well prepared for kindergarten! He learned a lot about English, Math and Science. Teachers are so caring, patient and supportive! - Anthea W. on 06/01/2023

Ms Gabrielle has been amazing with our daughter. Every time I check the cameras she is taking care of business or interacting with the children. She’s magical, and my daughter adores her. She is excited to come in every day and see her teachers and friends. Some days she doesn’t want to come home at the end of the day because she’s having so much fun! - Megan J. on 06/01/2023

I see great development in my child and all the things he is learning. The teachers and staff are all engaged and enthusiastic about what they do. My child enjoys attending and looks forward to it every day. - Inna D. on 06/01/2023

The teachers truly care about the kids. My kids learn something new every day and have a great time, they love going to "school"! - Alli D. on 06/01/2023

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We are conveniently located near I-5 / I-205 just east of Highway 99 on NE 129th Street (across the south side entrance of Safeway).

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