The educational daycare center in Virginia Beach that will exceed your expectations.

Visit our Virginia Beach, VA Academy, meet our staff, see our classrooms and play on our playgrounds. 

We provide educational daycare in the greater Virginia Beach, VA area that focuses on days filled with learning and fun, the key ingredients of our Life Essentials® educational philosophy. The smiles you’ll see on our children’s faces as they learn, share family style meals with other children, and grow socially will delight you. The words from our children’s parents about our program, safety and facility will impress you.

We realize the tremendous level of trust you place in a childcare provider. You want your child to thrive in an environment that's as clean, safe and nurturing as your home. Kiddie Academy is more than daycare. We set the standards for safety, education and trust. Just ask the Kiddie Academy parents of Virginia Beach, VA — they are our best references.

What Kiddie Academy Parents are Saying

Everything - Ashley W. on 12/30/2017

The staff are really nice.the cleanlines of the school itself I give thumbs up. Love how they teach our children to be dependent. - Joane J. on 12/22/2017

The entire staff is so wonderful and my kids are learning and having fun all day! - Tiffany M. on 12/22/2017

The teacher really very kind and love the kids ! Always do special things for the kids . The school very clean ...Everything I like there ! - Lixia S. on 12/22/2017

security in the building, super friendly customer service at the front desk and when I call on the phone, qualified teachers, watch me grow app, daily feedback on what my son did each day - Amanda A. on 12/18/2017

We like the staff and teachers our daughter has for Pre-K. Our daughter has done leaps and bounds in her developement and really enjoys learning, playing w her friends and making artwork. She never fusses over doing her homework, she looks forward to doing it :) which we really like. Really makes you wonder if… - Patricia G. on 12/10/2017

We love how much they learn there. It is simply amazing! - Heather S. on 12/08/2017

Everything. Your kind, courteous, friendly, clean and have updated facilities. You offer a great program plus holiday extras. You treat my child as your own and She would rather stay there with her friends than get pick up early. - Maura W. on 12/08/2017

I love how everyone is so helpful and all the staff knows all kids by names! - Cynthia T. on 12/08/2017

Every single Kiddie Academy associate who my child has come in contact with has seemed genuinely interested in his well-being and growth, some whose names I don’t even know yet but they know my son by name and are loving and friendly towards him. He’s a very active toddler who sometimes needs a little extra… - Amy H. on 12/08/2017

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