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Teachers are attentive to students' developmental needs and support them in reaching their goals. - Jennifer C. on 03/02/2018

I really believe my child is getting a far better educational experience at Kiddie Academy than she would get at other daycare facilities (I can say for sure better than a different well-known daycare provider she was with prior). The teachers are working with her on things that I think are preparing her well to enter kindergarten next year. The center is also very good at communicating with parents and keeping us informed on news and events. - Joanna H. on 02/24/2018

I have had the privileged of having my granddaughter in your program since she was 6 months old. Your staff has always showed my granddaughter love and compassion while enforcing the importance of being kind to others. She is really becoming a very smart little girl and I am so happy to have you on our team to help her grow and succeed. - Andrea G. on 02/21/2018

Love this center...the staff go above and beyond and not only is my daughter learning so much...shes having fun doing it... highly recommend this center! - Meghan R. on 02/21/2018

The variety of activities and teaching methods that stimulate interest in learning and result in real learning - Maria D. on 02/20/2018

The teachers are very attentive and caring. My children have learned so much it amazes me! - Heather M. on 01/20/2018

Teachers know the individual needs of each child and how to handle them. - Ali N. on 01/12/2018

I love that both of my children always get so much love and attention when they are there. My oldest is only there for morning and after care, but he gets just as much love as if he were there all day. All of the staff know my boys and make them feel so special. - Kristin L. on 12/23/2017

My child is in pre-k and can read already. The teachers have great science experiments - Stacey S. on 12/16/2017

Local and good people - Michelle S. on 12/16/2017

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We are located 1.5 miles east of William Floyd Parkway.

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