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The staff cares about the individuality of the children. They provide a caring environment and appreciate the needs of kids developing at different paces. The educational content is exceptional. The creative projects that the teachers come up with are wonderful and all tie to educational/developmental milestones. - Melissa S. on 03/05/2018

I like the variety of hands on learning activities and limited screen time. - Nicholas P. on 03/04/2018

You care about the kids. You keep them learning and stimulated. - Kim R. on 03/04/2018

I love the things my child is learning and how the teachers who work with my kids truly care for my kids. - Caitlin B. on 03/03/2018

It feels like one big family. They know my daughter and they help her grow and become more confident in areas she needs help in. They take time to help me too with my questions and support when needed. - Francis S. on 03/03/2018

I love how the teachers get the kids engaged and interested in the curriculum. There is also a wide variety of topics and subjects - Corrine D. on 03/03/2018

The attention to detail and the genuine level of caring the teachers have. - Stephanie M. on 03/03/2018

Compassionate and skilled educators - Jaime C. on 03/03/2018

The teachers are great - Tricia H. on 03/03/2018

That she is learning about other people, places, animals and our planet. As well as learning different languages and people skills. - Angela B. on 03/03/2018

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We are located on Phillips Road, after the Xerox buildings. Pass the farm land, a mile before you get to Lake Ontario.

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Parenting Essentials®

The learning doesn't stop for parents, either. That’s why we created an information resource with helpful tips on everything from enriching our STEM program at home to introducing lifelong healthy eating and fitness habits.