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I am continually impressed by their child centered model and the individualized care my daughter receives. Even though there are 7 other children in her classroom, we feel like she is the only one there. They cater to the individual, making sure that each child receives the nurturing they need to feel safe and loved. This allows our daughter to grow in ways we did not think was possible at such a young age. When we drop her off, she is ready to play and immediately engages her teachers and classmates with laughter and gestures. I also love being able to witness her joy and spirit through pictures and the daily reports. The amount of detail that goes into these reports makes us feel like we are there. Her teachers are great to call us if there is anything unusual about our daughters behavior, and we appreciate that. This allows us to make the parenting decisions we are most comfortable with when it comes to her care. They never assume anything. But it is more than all of that. You feel like you are a part of a larger family. There is not a single staff person that does not know our daughter by name. This gives me great confidence and the peace of mind I need to focus on my career. We cannot say enough wonderful things about Kiddie Academy. - Whitney H. on 10/13/2016

You provide great learning opportunities everyday that the kids just see as fun without even realizing they are learning. - Kyle D. on 10/07/2016

That every child is loved and special. I love that the kids are monitored and access to what is going on in the classroom. It makes me feel comfortable about leaving my child. It is nice to know the teachers don't show favoritism and play with each child in their own way! Love it , Love it! I wouldn't put my child anywhere else! Not to mention the owners are just as caring and all the teachers and assistants are just LOVEABLE! So grateful we found you guys........ - Loretta H. on 09/21/2016

Your focus on specific topics every week is helpful for the kids to learn about that topic. Example: Few months back i daughter was home talking about the oceans and the animals, the other things related to the oceans she learnt that particular week. The only complaint we have is the high turnover rate. I am sure there are lot of factors contributing it. - Bhagwan C. on 09/16/2016

Nice people, safe and clean learning environment. I must add anonymously that Jessica at times seems lazy or lacking in common sense, e.g., one time my child was hobbling about with only 1 shoe on. Jessica sort of laughed and said the child's shoe kept falling off so she put the other shoe away. That was ridiculous to have a child like that for who knows how long instead of taking both shoes off. There was also another time when she had no energy to get up and move a child who was blocking the door and could have been hit by accident. She just sat in the room calling to the child instead of getting up to help the child get out of the way. There weren't even any other kids left to take care of when that happened. Otherwise, the other staffers seem very caring, experienced and conscientious. - Judy T. on 09/09/2016

Caring towards kids - Keerthi R. on 08/31/2016

The teachers are awesome! Ms Charnele always hugs my boy, gives him a warm welcome everyday, comforts him whenever he's upset, feeds him, teaches him... I think my baby learned his first word from Ms Charnele :-) . Now he upgraded to toddler class with Ms Jessica, and she's such a great teacher too! She taught him how to obey rules, how to create arts, read letters... We love Kiddie Academy and are very happy that our boy is growing and learning everything there! - Ping L. on 08/11/2016

This school delivers consistent, exceptional care and education to all of their children. We are beyond thrilled with how much our daughter has grown and learned in their care. The exposure to new subjects - from art to music, language, reading, sports and more, makes her excited to come to school each day. - Ryan M. on 08/02/2016

The programs, day to day activities. friendly and welcoming staff. - Padma M. on 08/02/2016

It's a best educational service at west cary - Yogesh R. on 07/08/2016

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