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I like that the owners and staff took the time to listen to our concerns and partnered with us to make our daughter's transition to her new class painless. - Mario P. on 04/16/2016

KA of West Cary is amazing! They are genuinely nice people. Not only does my daughter love her teachers, but she has tons of fun at school and is well prepared for kindergarten. What makes me happiest is that she is healthy! At her last daycare she had what seemed to be a cold for the entire time she was enrolled. I highly recommend Kiddie Academy of West Cary. - Ralietha E. on 04/05/2016

The teachers know my daughter as an individual and help her progress on her strengths and improve on her weaknesses. They really know who she is and how to best teach her! I appreciate that personal touch. - Christina D. on 03/18/2016

Excellent facility, great people and communication. - Douglas M. on 03/15/2016

The interactive atmosphere, well educated staff and lots of opportunities for the child to cultivate hobbies like arts, crafts, etc. - Siddhi D. on 03/08/2016

Conducting different activities . - Ravinder M. on 03/08/2016

Kids run into the class rooms when parents drop them at school- that shows how they like the class and Teachers. friendly environment, friendly people. - Phanigopal D. on 03/02/2016

They have SPECTACULAR LOVING infant room staff, streaming video and great daily reports. I implicitly trust the staff. The school is SUPER clean and they are sticklers about process. Christina, the director, is easy to work with and the owners are always there with a smile. I chose them over Primrose and Goddard. Our Gracie is thriving with the Kiddie Academy team. She started at 12 weeks. - Sarah L. on 02/22/2016

Lots of different activities and subjects are covered to keep the kids interested and also learning. There seems to be a good balance between the fun and play aspect of their day and the teaching and learning part. - Justine K. on 02/02/2016

I like the curriculum and the teachers. Everyone is caring and your child feels right at home. - Cheryl P. on 02/01/2016

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