The academic portion of the day for K classes in the am prior to going to K in the afternoon. I prefer academics over just "playing". - Christine R. on 09/14/2012

The most friendly and caring staff. Flexible schedules. Not just a daycare but a great educational experience. - Cindy P. on 09/14/2012

How much my child has learned, that I wouldn't have started to teach him yet because I thought he was too young. - Christen F. on 09/14/2012

The staff are very cordial and energetic taking good care of kids and involving them in different activities. Well trained staff who are not only sensitive to the needs of the kids but also highly energetic . The environment is safe, has lot of activities to stimulate the intellect and physical activity of the kids. We are very happy with everything the academy offers and highly recommend it to others. All the teachers and centre director require special mention for making this happen. Best Surya Karri Surya Karri MD MPH Department of Neurosurgery Massachussetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School Wang ACC 745Z1 Boston MA 02114 Ph: 617-643-2495(O) Email: - Sowmya K. on 09/13/2012

Kiddie Academy of Windham is a place which fosters academic achievement in every task they endure. The cirriculum is well versed and the children are always very excited with the many projects, crafts and games the teachers conduct. Recently, I read the that those who educate children well should be honored more than the parents who raise them. This statement could not be any more true of this center as the main goal of the center is to keep our children safe, secure and happy while also nurturing them in every way possible. - Deborah S. on 01/16/2012

children are taught friendliness and manners. trying to make them creative with different art and craft works everyday. trying to satisfy the parents to the most are some of them... - Sree J. on 01/10/2012

great customer service. the wonderful teachers. Its so clean and friendly - Brigette L. on 01/09/2012

Individual attention, engaged teachers, clean, structured, friendly, caring, emphasis on education, good lesson plans, special activities - Jeffrey M. on 01/08/2012

I like that most of the teachers seem to really like the kids and are there because they want to be and not just because it is a job. - Jamie C. on 01/05/2012

The staff is tremendous... - Chris R. on 01/05/2012

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