Character Education

Helping children learn values that will help them become good citizens. Ideas from the Character Essentials curriculum from Kiddie Academy.

Preparing Children to Live in a Social Media-Centric World 

It’s almost impossible for children to grow up these days without having exposure to and experience with social media. The world of social media is a tricky place for anyone, let alone children. Not everything about it is bad. Used properly, it’s a great way to interact with friends and…

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Holiday Give-back Ideas in the Time of COVID-19

This year has been a trying one. Many of us have endured innumerable hardships, and now what is typically a joyous holiday season filled with family and friends will likely be spent keeping one another safe by staying distant. There’s no way to sugarcoat it. The holidays will be different…

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Kiddie Academy of Abingdon Food Drive
We Are Responsible

Special guest post by Maria Dontas, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility [caption id="attachment_12352" align="alignnone" width="5380"] There's me on the right! [/caption] The Importance of Being Responsible Being responsible means being dependable, keeping promises, and honoring your commitments. When one is responsible, one shows independence and diligence when carrying out tasks…

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Kiddie Academy students examining a butterfly
We Are Unique

When you look at snowflakes up close, it’s amazing to see just how intricate and beautiful these tiny little ice crystals are. Every snowflake crystal has six sides, but otherwise every one of them is different. Of all the millions, billions, trillions and gazillions of snowflakes that fall, each flake…

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Kiddie Academy Random Acts of Kindness
Kiddie Academies “Link Up” for Kindness

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