October 29, 2021

Xavier Riddle’s Halloween Heroes Costume Ideas

This post originally appeared on the Xavier Riddle blog.

Easy Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

Still looking for Halloween costume inspiration? Look no further!
Our partners at the popular PBS Kids TV show, “Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum,” have a Halloween treat for you. The Xavier team worked their magic and created the following costume ideas for a few notable historic figures that your kids will love dressing up as!

Best of all, these historical figures are great role models – each possessing special character traits that explain how they became heroes. Those traits match what your child learns from Kiddie Academy Character EssentialsSM , one of the foundational pillars of our Life Essentials® philosophy.

Let’s meet these great people from the past and see Xavier’s costume suggestions!


Go for it!

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly an airplane alone across the Atlantic Ocean. Her message to young viewers is that if you have a dream or want to do something that may seem a little scary, sometimes you must simply go for it!

Character Traits








You can do anything if you take it one step at a time.

Julia Child was a famous cook. She wrote cookbooks, had a TV show and traveled extensively to teach others how to cook through well-tested recipes. Xavier, who couldn’t put a model airplane together because there were so many pieces, learned from Julia that you could put the model together if you followed the instructions step by step. It’s a valuable lesson since so many things in life have an order and require a step-by-step progression to be successful.

Character Traits






Be yourself.

Jesse Owens was a Black American athlete who stunned the world in his triumph at the 1936 Olympic Games, winning four gold medals in track and field. This was a record that remained unbroken for 48 years. Jesse competed in the Olympics at a time when he was not welcomed by many of his white teammates, and he helped open the door for other Black athletes who followed. Jesse taught that if you want to make your dreams a reality, you need to focus on doing your best.

Character Traits









Be fair to everyone.

Thurgood Marshall was a lawyer, a judge and an advocate for human rights. His message to children is simple — Be fair to everyone. If a school tried to prevent some students from attending, he would work on passing a law to ensure that all students could attend.

Character Traits








Follow your dreams, no matter what.

Marie Curie was a scientist, born in Poland, at a time when the university was for boys only. Undeterred, she went to the Flying University, a secretly operated university that welcomed girls. It was hard work, but she never gave up. Marie Curie is a role model for all children, but particularly for girls who want to change the world in a sector still dominated by men.

Character Traits






When you’re scared, you can take a deep breath to calm down and feel better.

Some of illusionist Harry Houdini’s acts were very scary. What he learned was that when you’re scared, you can take a deep breath to calm down and feel better. This is an important message for young children, who are often scared, intimidated or anxious in new situations.

Character Traits






These are great ideas! Thanks to Xavier Riddle and his friends at PBS Kids!

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