Character Essentials Activity Book

Character exercises for kids (and their parents too!)

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We all want our children to grow up to be good people.

We want them to be kind, proud and strong.

We want them to be good citizens.

That’s why our Character EssentialsSM curriculum is so important to us.

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The activities in this book are a fun and interactive way for you and your child to spark a discussion about what it means to be a good person: to be kind, patient, creative, a good leader, get along with others and more!


Through songs, plays, books, things to do and conversations, you and your child will gain a deeper understanding of character and have fun doing so!


Download Activity Book

It’s crucial for children to learn the values that will help them develop into well-rounded citizens. Character Essentials uses character education to derive learning from each interaction. From the playground to the classroom, we take every opportunity to teach your child important character-building cornerstones, including respect, sharing, manners, friendship and compassion.

We invite you to learn more about Life Essentials®, Kiddie Academy’s Approach to Childcare.

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