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Get your copy of “Day One is Fun!” – the new children’s book that helps families manage ‘first day of child care’ jitters

Children and parents both experience a level of anxiety and apprehension with the first day of child care. To calm their nerves, we’ve created this beautifully illustrated story of 3-year-old Sophie and her first day at Kiddie Academy.

“Day One is Fun” showcases the socialization and learning benefits of educational child care. Families who tour a Kiddie Academy location will receive a copy of the book.

Children’s books offer so much more than just an interesting story

Navigating life’s transitions can be challenging for children, but the simple act of reading a book with a loved one can be comforting and empowering in times of change. Countless research underscores the positive impact of books on helping children grapple with difficult subjects. Books become a safe space for children to explore complex emotions, offering relatable characters and narratives that serve as anchors in the face of uncertainty.

Books, with their engaging stories and relatable characters, provide a bridge for children to express and process their feelings. When children encounter characters in similar situations, they gain a sense of validation, realizing that others have experienced similar challenges and emerged stronger. This emotional connection, often facilitated by books, helps children articulate their emotions and builds a foundation for healthy coping mechanisms.

Moreover, reading about challenging subjects, such as the first day of school, or a new sibling, introduces children to a variety of perspectives and coping strategies. As children delve into stories where characters navigate changes, they glean valuable insights that empower them to approach their own challenges with creativity and resilience. Books become not only a source of comfort but also a toolbox of ideas and strategies, empowering children to face life’s uncertainties with a positive mindset and a sense of capability.