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Kiddie Academy photo contest winner
Kiddie Academy Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations Kiddie Academy of Pearland-East, TX! Kiddie Academy of Pearland East's entry represented an inventive interpretation of our 200th milestone, cleverly incorporating the student community while demonstrating technology in the execution. Our partner EyeClick chose the winner noting, "It was a very tough choice, but we feel the drone view incorporates…

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Roundup: Parental Control Tools for Smartphones, Tablets and Tech

Even if your child doesn't have his or her own computer, iPod, smartphone or tablet, many parents routinely hand over their own device for their children to use. Wondering which tools are available to help make your child's online experience a bit safer? Here's a list of a few free…

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Plan a Summer Camp Adventure

Designed for children up to age 12, our summer Camp Adventure curriculum is built upon a series of themes designed to inspire your child to explore, create, interact and stay active during the summer months. Each theme contains a variety of activities including Creative Arts, Creative Dramatics/Music/Movement, Language Arts, Math,…

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Thrift Store Shopping Tips for Families

I have a confession to make - I am a thrift store addict.  I don't want help to overcome this addiction.  Actually, I'm recruiting others to this cause. Some of my friends don't understand my fascination with stopping at every thrift store I see.  And I can't comprehend their reluctance…

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10 Family-Friendly Earth Day Activities

Looking for ideas for celebrating this year's Earth Day with your family? Here's a list of 10 eco-friendly family activities compiled by the Kiddie Academy education team: Involve your children in finding ways to repurpose things you already own before you purchase new items. Ask your children to help you…

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Simple Ways to Connect With your Child

All parents want to maintain a close relationship with their children. As newborns, they depend on us for everything. But, as they grow and begin their journey to independence, staying connected can become more difficult. How many times have you asked your child what they learned that day and been…

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Rainy Day Craft Tutorial: Broken Umbrella to Indoor Parachute

Looking for a fun rainy day activity? Here's an easy way to re-purpose a broken umbrella into a mini-parachute game. This fun, eco-friendly kids craft project also allows you to sneak in a little education. What better way to illustrate the laws of gravity? Follow these simple instructions, and you'll…

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Facebook Photo Contest Winner Announced

We have a winner in Kiddie Academy's "The Moment I Knew…" Photo Contest. Following two months of gathering entries, and thousands of votes, the judging committee chose a photo of a child demonstrating self-reliance as the winner of the Facebook® photo contest. The photo depicts Jackson Barker learning to swim.…

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Lessons Learned on Tantrums

About a year or so ago I posted about how my life was nothing but a series of pre-meditated actions and routines since I had a toddler. At the time, I was still calculating my moves, reflecting on my failures and above all else trying to determine why this was becoming second nature to me. And…

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