September 8, 2020

Is Your Job This Rewarding?

More Than Just a Business

This year in particular, we’ve heard from lots of grateful parents. Whether it’s for offering emergency child care so that essential workers could continue to keep our communities safe and running, or because of the curriculum resources we’ve provided so that parents can provide learning continuity while their kids are at home, it’s a rewarding feeling to know that we’re making a difference. It reinforces to our Franchisees that they’re running more than just a business.

Kiddie Academy of Sparta Goes the Extra Mile

New Jersey was one of the states hit hardest early in the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools were closed and many people were working from home. That included Valerie Evans, who has custody of her 8-year-old granddaughter, Daisy. Valerie is an essential worker who was able to work from home and take care of Daisy until the end of the school year, when her work-from-home option ended.

Valerie had to quickly come up with a daycare plan for Daisy, who has ADHD and learning disabilities. She met with a local referring agency that found four emergency child care centers, including Kiddie Academy of Sparta. “I met with them and explained her situation and that she was a little old for daycare and asked if they would be willing to take her. They said, ‘Yes, absolutely.’

“This was the greatest experience I’ve had with child care for this girl. From the first day I took her, she had the most amazing time. I have never seen this child so happy in my life. I’ve never seen a child so excited to get up and go. I went to work with such peace because I had nothing to worry about. I knew she was being well taken care of.

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about the facility. Every single person on the staff took very good care of her. I really loved the time she spent there, and so did she.”

Valerie said Daisy’s public school is currently planning on starting the year on a five-day-a-week in-class schedule. But, anticipating a possible change to remote learning, she asked if Daisy could then return to Kiddie Academy if necessary. “They said, ‘Absolutely. We love her!’”

Kiddie Academy of Sparta’s Director, Roe Stone, said they were happy to be able to help Val and Daisy this summer, along with all the other children enrolled. “We knew that our community and our families really needed us to be here. Parents were so appreciative to have a safe place to bring their children when they didn’t have the option of working from home. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to be able to provide that service for the families.”

Kiddie Academy of Sparta testimonial

Kiddie Academy testimonial

Supporting Families All Over the Country

Valerie’s story is just one of many we’ve heard in recent months. Here are some unedited comments* from a few other parents:

Brooke B. (Kiddie Academy of Pearland-East)
Kiddie Academy- Pearland East has gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of the children and staff during the pandemic and to ease the minds of parents who require their services during this unsettling time. My babies are enjoying their time in daycare and every day I see evidence that they are learning and having fun, which I absolutely love!

Stephen P. (Birmingham, AL)
“It’s more than just a daycare. My kids are learning skills that will help set them up for success and advancement once they reach grade school age. They are learning to socialize with other kids their age. The school is helping bridge the gap that working parents just aren’t able to do on their own.”

Veronica R. (Prosper, TX)
It feels like a small family. Everyone has been very welcoming. We love the teachers we have had so far. Rosh has done a great job responding to COVID and keeping parents updated on important information.

LaVonne R. (Chesterfield, MO)
I love the attention to teaching as well as free play. I have seen huge growth in my child’s development since starting at Kiddie Academy. I also love that she loves her school so I can work without worrying about her

Jodie F. (Des Peres, MO)
Starting at a new place in the middle of covid was scary for our whole family, but we feel the staff went out of their way to welcome us and help alleviate our concerns. Our child is greeted happily by staff members every day and we love the updates and photos we receive. Our child is very happy there.

Kelly R. (O’Fallon, MO)
We absolutely LOVE Kiddie Academy! I couldn’t have picked a better daycare for my daughter. As a new mom, I was feeling nervous and extremely sad about my daughter going into daycare but KAO has taken all of my reservations away. Between the cleanliness of the whole building, the amazing and thoughtful teachers and staff to the cameras and photos we receive all day long, it is everything we could ask for. Not to mention, she has learned SO much SO fast by being there. It is incredible! Thank you so much for taking such good care of Savannah! 🙂

Christian M. (Erie, CO)
We loved Kiddie Academy in Erie Colorado. They are so nice and organized. I had both my children there. They were very understanding and accommodating. I enjoyed the perks of Daily photos and updates from the classroom and the ability to log in to see them on the cameras. My husband and I are both frontline workers and this childcare was our savior during the pandemic. Thank you Kiddie Academy for all your care.

*These are recent and unedited reviews from Kiddie Academy parents, collected from Listen360.

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