Mealtime Activities For Five-Year-Olds

Learning can happen any time – even while eating.

Are you looking fun activities to do with your five-year-old at home? Our team of early childhood curriculum experts thoughtfully curated these activities from our proprietary Life Essentials® curriculum to help your family Learn On® at home. Whether it’s during mealtime, playtime, clean up time, bath time or bedtime – our at-home curriculum is built so you can easily integrate learning opportunities in seamless, easy and fun ways.

Taste Test

Level of instruction: Moderate

When: Playtime, Outdoor, Mealtime

Time recommendation: 10-20 minutes

Participants: One-on-one, Siblings

Learning Domain: Cognitive Development

Learning Standards:
Sensory exploration, Observation skills

Materials: Bandana, various snack foods, spoon


Create taste stations for your child to explore his or her sense of taste! Prepare a blindfold that your child can wear as he or she tastes the items. Be sure to use foods that your child has tasted previously, such as items that are used for snacks. Encourage your child to describe what he or she tastes. Consider foods that may be bitter like dark chocolate, sour like lemon candy, salty like a pretzel, or sweet like ice-cream.

Did you enjoy the food? Was it hard to try food while blindfolded? Was the food hot or cold?

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  • Playtime : Playtime is a great way to teach your baby without it even feeling like learning.
  • Outside Time: The great outdoors can be the best classroom of all.

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