We like the warm positive interactions between the staff and the children and the open communication with parents to discuss classroom work and the kids progress....

Attention and care !

I like the fact that it's simple. Meaning I bring my son in every morning with a cup & he's good to go!! He gets healthy meals while he's there, he's in very good care, he's getting a great education & I don't have to worry at all! He's happy & that is all that matters!

Nice environment! Nice teachers!

The kids are always learning something new.

Great facilities, awesome staff

We enjoy the friendliness of the staff. We enjoy their flexible hours. We enjoy the crafts and activities setup to help the kids learn. We enjoy the clean environment. We enjoy their outdoor space. Overall, we love this environment.

What I like most about Kiddie Academy's educational child services, is the attentiveness and the genuine concern for the children educational needs. I love how the staff at Kiddie Academy work collectively with the children, and are very engaged, in assisting the children educationally everyday.

Great teachers, layout of classrooms and classroom size, responsive staff.

You they really treat our kids with live and respect. I'm thankful that she learn a lot and her development l. I love this preschool. Good environment

My family loves Kiddie Academy. Our daughter learns new things every day. Skills are taught in creative and engaging ways. Even at a young age, she was learning science, math skills, feelings, and about her health. I also love their level of communication with the parents. I never feel surprised or left out of what is going on with my daughter or the school.

Very good institution, all personnel is very professional and really care about the children

The teachers and staff! Our little one has bonded so much with her teachers and I know she's happy and in good hands while we're at work. So appreciative of their care and kindness.

Professionalism and friendly atmosphere.