they take the time to do homework with my child everyday. This allows me to come home and spend quality time with my child. - Star Z. on 04/12/2012


My children has been going to Kiddie Academy for four months now. At first, I had doubts on the education portion that my 5 year old was receiving. In his previous daycare, daily he would come home with projects and written work that he had completed. The first few weeks of being at KA, I wasn't seeing any written activites and anything that he came home with was very remedial from what he had been doing. Now, and I can attritbute this to Miss Danielle, there is written work coming home almost every day, he comes home talking about and showing the new things he has been learning and I can see he is back on track for being prepared for Kindergarten. My other son is in Miss Patty's class. You can tell the love he is receiving from her and the teachers in his class. I can see some of the work that is being taught and there are some days he brings home written activites, which I think is great to start the little ones out early in learning how to hold a pencil and try writing their names. What I don't understand is during reading time, why a book is being held by the teacher (not sure if Miss Patty does this but I see it in the afternoon), and the teacher is not reading the book but has a CD playing the book instead. I don't know the educational impacts to this type of "reading" and if this has the same or less impact on a child being able to pick up that the book is being read, but to me it seems a little less educational than if someone were actually reading the book. Other than that, I think my son in her class is learning social interactions, learning how to behave well and learning his letters and numbers. He comes home happy and that makes us happy. It's been a big change for all of us this year, but I'm happy with the education that both children are receiving. The staff is very friendly. - Jeff P. on 04/12/2012

My child comes home knowing new songs, how to write his letters, and talking about fun stuff he learned at school. - Sue S. on 04/12/2012

The staff, The consistency of day to day schedules, the projects and assignments the kids bring home. - Renee R. on 04/12/2012

I love that my kids are always excited to go to Kiddie Academy. The director and the staff are very flexible and accommodating to your needs. I feel like the building is very safe and clean. - Nelmari V. on 04/12/2012

All of the staff are caring and focus on each child. Kids are never just part of the crowd. They receive the individualized attention they need. My kids learn so many new things everyday. - Michelle O. on 04/11/2012

I like that all the Teachers work together to do what is in the best interest of the children. Every week the children learn different things from educational to learning how to treat others. - Brianna L. on 04/11/2012

Our son loves going to Kiddie Academy each day. The staff is always so friendly and sweet. - Michelle M. on 04/11/2012

I love the friendly atmosphere, teachers are wonderful. They treat my son like their own. They feed the kids good food, the classrooms are very clean & their prices are very reasonable. - Elizabeth F. on 04/11/2012

I love the curriculum, staff, newsletters, and more! - Becky G. on 04/11/2012

Caring teacher and well designed curriculum - Wen Jing J. on 04/11/2012

Everyone seems so happy! My kids are happy, even if I pick them up later than usual. The management is obviously superb - this is the only way that a whole group of this quality and morale is sustained. And, for the first time in child care - my kids are never sick. I am totally satisfied. - Heidi B. on 04/10/2012

Curriculum is age appropriate and takes into consideration the individual needs,strengths and weaknesses of each child. - Nicole G. on 04/10/2012

Brand new facility. Excellent teachers and management Serve meals. - Ketan B. on 04/09/2012