Staff is very friendly and keep you up to date with your child's daily activities and lesson plans. Love that they do Zumba with the kids. - Nelqueta H. on 04/29/2013

1)Neat and Clean Environment 2)Home work given 3)Teachers Communicating with us abt our kids some times 4)Staff greets us daily - Madhuri C. on 04/28/2013

Very Professional in their way of handling parents and Kids. Cleanliness, High / good communication/ language standards by the Staff,Good Activities, Always available for me. - Lucy K. on 04/27/2013

Kiddie Academy is really focused on developmental milestones and encouragement of learning through hands-on educaltional experiences. - Tony K. on 04/26/2013

Enthusiastic team! - Donna G. on 04/24/2013

Cory, Summer, and the entire staff at Kiddie Academy are dedicated to providing the best foundation for the children to build themselves on. My son has attended the school for over a year and has been enriched and developed at the highest level possible. The curriculum and education that is core to the Kiddie Academy philosophy helps develop my little one for the "real world" experiences outside of his early learning years. I am confident that there is no other educational center that provides such a dedicated level of of learning!! We look forward to watching our child grow and be fulfilled with the family at Kiddie Academy for years to come! Thanks to everyone for providing such a warm-hearted environment for parents to take their kids, allowing us to have confidence that our kids are in the best care possible while away from home. - Jamie P. on 04/24/2013

We like that it has a small family feel. We know staff in all the rooms and the teachers know our children by name. The staff work with our children 1:1 and in large groups. The teachers take time to find out what interests my kids and try to incorporate it to facilitate learning. My oldest child gets challenged and provided opportunities to expand his learning. The teachers also provide me with additional ways to promote their learning and various skills at home. I absolutely love Kiddie Academy. - Tiffany E. on 04/23/2013

Staff, new facility - Brett S. on 04/23/2013

I enjoy the strong relationships between the teachers and my daughter. The facilities are advanced and amazing. - Christina S. on 04/22/2013

I know my daughter is comfortable and well cared for because she loves going to daycare. - Erica T. on 04/21/2013

Great environment for the kids. - Qian ( Ken ) Z. on 04/20/2013

I love knowing that my son will be ready for the transition into kindergarten in the fall because he's been attending Kiddie Academy. - Barbara C. on 04/19/2013

The friendly staff, the included and nutricious meals, the cool things they teach the kids, including lessons about nature and holidays, the flexible hours of operation, the security of the front door system. It is a really nice place to bring my child. - Dianne Y. on 04/18/2013

How receptive the staff and owners are to the parents concerns. - Nima P. on 04/18/2013

My daughter has been going there for about 2 years. She always comes home in a good mood, she talks about her teachers, miss the teachers she had in her 3 year classroom, loves her new teachers in the preschool room. The staff always has a smile on there face and happy to see her. We live near the school, even if we moved I would still drive her to KA because she is so attached to the staff and kids at KA :) - Tiffany C. on 04/18/2013