Parents Testimonials

Miss Sam, Miss Carly, and Miss Jess are fantastic with the kids. I am very happy my daughter is under their care. - Susan N. on 02/21/2014

Care of children and parent/teacher communication - Jessica W. on 02/20/2014

I like that I can be involved in my child's care. There's times that I stay for a few minutes, which is great for me to see him learning or even interacting with the other children. The facility is always clean, and the staff is friendly. - Aislynn S. on 02/20/2014

Miss Nicky is amazing. She is one of the hardest working people I know - works long days with a bunch of crazy kids, yet always has a great attitude. Miss Erica is also very good - she is great with the kids and communicates well with parents. My child is learning rapidly at Kiddie Academy, and I feel is more advanced than his peers who do not attend educational child care. - Lindsay C. on 02/20/2014

Like that kids are kept stimulated (never bored). Buggy rides, outside time (even for infants) is great, story time, sensory table, etc. - Tynisa T. on 02/20/2014

I appreciate the care that is taken to get to know my child. Teachers are friendly and knowledgeable. Education is important to my family so we appreciate the focus on reading and other developmental activities. - Melissa L. on 02/20/2014

I feel safe and comfortable with my son in the care of any of the teachers here. It is not about numbers or money here. They all really care about the kids. - Kristen E. on 02/20/2014

Flexible, caring, experienced and friendly employees. Clean facility. - Dana L. on 02/19/2014

I like the fact that the educational activities provide enrichment to what my child is learning at school and are designed to fit her needs. - Monica W. on 02/19/2014

Personal service to my child and sincere care for her well being and development. Constant feedback from the staff and comfort in knowing my child is being nurtured and encouraged. - Trish C. on 02/19/2014

In one week my 11 month old came home saying 2 words.. uh-oh! :) - Beatriz L. on 02/19/2014

I like the fact that the staff is great and that my daugther has a wide variety of activities that helps develop her motor and cognotive skills. - Arturo R. on 02/19/2014

The staff is very loving to the children. The atmosphere is also very professional. The children seem very happy and engaged. - Asherel B. on 02/19/2014

I like that the staff is very friendly. I also like the fact that they offer full time kindergarten. - Debra S. on 02/18/2014

Very welcoming environment! Friendly, helpful staff. There are a lot of toys and activities for the children to play with. My most favorite thing is being able to check on my children through out the day with the Watch Me Grow app on my phone and see what they are doing! - Heather L. on 02/18/2014