Parents Testimonials

Kiddie Academy of Miami Lakes does a great job with the curriculum. They always have the kids engaged and entertained. They show a lot of care and love in doing their job. They treat the children with kindness and respect which it of tremendous value to me as a parent. - Rosa M. on 07/18/2013

You are kind with the children and careful.... But please, we are still waiting for the yearbook with pics... Thanks! - Manuel D. on 07/17/2013

Kiddie Academy is very professional. - Jessica P. on 07/17/2013

I'm new to the facility but so far, I've felt my child was welcomed and made to feel comfortable being here. - Angel T. on 07/17/2013

Everything - Debra W. on 07/17/2013

A great loving and educational enviroment for my daughter - Solange A. on 07/17/2013

I like the fact that they use video surveillance. The employees are professional when dealing with the children and my daughter enjoys going and has loved all the staff throughout her time there. - Katherine C. on 07/17/2013

Everyone is friendly and knows my child. I can count on them to care for and educate my child when I have to work. Everything is clean and safe. Ultimately my child is happy there! - Janine C. on 07/17/2013

Very friendly atmosphere. And the kids really enjoyed being there - David G. on 07/17/2013

The care given to the kids is incomparable, they keep everything on check. The level of professionalism is incredible, the teachers are great, the family that owns it and manages take care of every single kid as it was theirs. The program is fantastic, our children are not only take care of, but they are developmentally and socially estimulated. It is a real community! The Best in South Florida! - Maria S. on 07/17/2013

Its great - Angela B. on 07/17/2013

Generally, the quality of your teachers have been very strong. Additionally, the tenure of the teachers is very good. In recent months though it does seem that the turn-over has been high and the quality of teachers is not as strong. I really hope this is not the case as strong teachers and their long-term continuity is critical for me to recommend this center. I generally feel that many of the teachers truly care for my children. This is shown through the daily hugs and embraces past and present teachers give my children and evident in return to how my children light up around several of the teachers. The art work and projects that I receive on a frequent basis are evidence that my children are engaged in different activities and being educated...not just being 'baby sat'. This is critical. Additionally, the new songs (Grand Old Flag!), words, games, letters, numbers etc that my child illustrates on a regular basis helps emphasizes to me that educational services are being provide to my children. - Alison W. on 07/17/2013

It seems that all children are involved in all activities. My son tells me how he played with everyone in his class and that no one was left behind. - Katie K. on 07/17/2013

There are a lot of activities planned for the kids. All of the teachers and staff know my kids by name and are really friendly. - Laura H. on 07/17/2013

I value that the teachers beautifully focus the education areas in way that is nearly always right on track with where my child needs to be. - Kathy B. on 07/17/2013