Parents Testimonials

I like the teachers and the help they give to the kids and then true caring they have for all the kids. - Heather N. on 09/21/2012

I am happy with the attention my child receives on a daily basis. I am happy with the teachers, the directors and the activities planned each day. - Kathrine L. on 09/21/2012

I really appreciate that the teachers help my son with his homework. Since I don't get to pick him up til around 6pm it is a huge help to know that his homework is done and that's one less thing I have to worry about. Thank you!! - Samantha D. on 09/21/2012

I love the summer program that you offer with all the additional activities and fun days! My kids run into school everyday! - Heather F. on 09/21/2012

Teachers loving and and very calm environment - Amy B. on 09/21/2012

KA is safe, clean and very receptive to the needs of my kids. - Brian W. on 09/21/2012

good toys, easy to make friends, teacher is professional - Xiang Yu H. on 09/21/2012

Compassionate teachers - Alecia B. on 09/21/2012

Well-organized without being too restrictive. - Brian E. on 09/21/2012

EVERYTHING!!! You're all so wonderful. We've been with you for five years and we've never had anything but happy children and positive experiences. Aidan and Ryan look forward to coming to you each day. Mr. Joe is their role model - and what a wonderful role model he is! We've already recommended you to our neighbors (Woodley's, Steckmeisters, one of my former students - Jen Novinski) and will continue to do so! - Marcy K. on 09/21/2012

Watch me grow and the awesome staff who are dedicated and motivated to help your child grow. - Douglas S. on 09/21/2012

Caleb has learned so very much and I love the little songs he is always singing. I feel he is well taken care of. - Deanna S. on 09/21/2012

EVERYTHING! - Meghan M. on 09/21/2012

Caring eachers! - Leanna K. on 09/21/2012

The Teachers I know and trust and LOVE...The staff is jsut really great..Linda is awesome and always so helpful and the owners seem to listen with any concerns. We feel home here :) - Kristen G. on 09/21/2012