Parents Testimonials

My son is very comfortable there and the majority of the values that I track at home are echoed at school. - Herbert P. on 03/10/2013

They are paying high attention to every child needs and very sincere in their educational service, my daughter love all of the crew and staff over there. - Medhat K. on 03/10/2013

Teachers are kind and caring. My daughter loves to go to school. - Alexandria G. on 03/10/2013

safe, clean, and excellent, friendly staff. - Ingrid B. on 03/10/2013

At Kiddie Academy they focus on keeping a positive learning environment. If a disruption occurs they do what's best for the class to keep it fun and balanced. The teachers are excellent and I can't say enough about how happy we are to send our 3 children there. One of our best decisions ever! - Jennifer W. on 03/09/2013

The facility hours, the certified teachers, cleanliness, and the friendly staff and environment make Kiddie Academy a great place. - Adam C. on 03/09/2013

I like the quality learning that begins at a young age and that the students are beyond prepared when it coming to starting school. - Kinsey P. on 03/08/2013

Clean, good teachers, I love Kami. She gets back to you right away to answer any questions. - Charlene W. on 03/08/2013

The teachers are friendly, professional, and caring. My son has learned a great deal in his 7 1/2 months in the preschool room. - Stacy B. on 03/08/2013

The staff is very professional they are great with the kids, the placeis always clean and my child is always happy when she is there. - Kerry O. on 03/08/2013

I love how much my 3 year old is learning and how friendly and caring evryone is! - Lori H. on 03/07/2013

My child enjoys going there and talks about what he's doing. - Kerry Anne B. on 03/07/2013

Very friendly staff, keeps me posted on daily happenings in my children's classrooms, feel like my children are genuinely cared about there. - Jessica S. on 03/06/2013

Just about everything!! - Trish I. on 03/06/2013

Clean, organized facility - Jennifer W. on 03/06/2013