Parents Testimonials

The teachers and staff take the time to listen and care for each and every child based on their needs. They make learning fun and engaging for all the children. - Tasha H. on 03/02/2011

The instructors are very well informed and my daughter learns something new everytime she goes to school. They also reinforce what has learned so she doesn't forget earlier lessons. The teachers and management staff also know the parents and the names of every child that comes in. The center is ALWAYS clean and orderly. My family will miss Kiddie Academy very much when we move, there isn't one where we are going. Keep up the good work, no other child care center/preschool compares. - Emma G. on 03/02/2011

I like the daily feedback that ranges from what they learn to if they napped. I like how it doesn't feel like learning is forced on my child - things are taught in a very thoughtful and engaging way. - Toni R. on 03/02/2011

everything!!! the best place, the most wonderful teachers! - Magda M. on 03/02/2011

They do some of the most amaing projects and I love that they tell you what they are doing each week. It allows my husband and I to talk about what they are going to do each morning and something to talk to them about over dinner. - Cathi K. on 03/02/2011

Kiddie Academy is very well structured. All the teachers are educated and work very well with what you need for you child. - Patti G. on 03/02/2011

I like the fact that you are concentrating on letters and numbers at a young age. - Mark N. on 03/02/2011

Kiddie Academy provides a structured learning environment. I know what my daughter is doing daily and I see the progress she is making because the teachers are always willing to spend time discussing it with me when I ask. It is also done in a fun way which my daughter loves. - Tiffany T. on 03/02/2011

Clean and friendly environment - Vicky G. on 03/02/2011

We are very pleased with Kiddie Academy. Compared to other children the same age who are not in a care center type of enviroment, our children have more social skills as will as learning skills. - Lindsay G. on 03/02/2011

My son seems to be learning a lot during his time at daycare and is more social and outgoing than other toddlers his age that do not attend daycare. There is a good balance of educational activities for the children throughout the day. - Amanda S. on 03/02/2011

The attention that the teachers provide to my kids. - Nirdesh P. on 03/01/2011

In the Ladybug room we have so many wonderful teachers. From the first day we walked in they have done nothing but treat our child with love. We love seeing her get excited to see Ms. Salme and Ms. Betsy in the morning and in the evening Ms. Alyssa and Ms. Daniele remind us how much fun our daughter has all day! We are just so pleased with her care and the wonderful teachers at Kiddie Academy! - Stephanie Z. on 03/01/2011

Friendly and knowledgeable staff who have our kids interests at heart! - Mary G. on 03/01/2011

My son is provided with activities, toys, and games that address all areas of development and are age-appropriate. I love that the children are able to learn through play and are encouraged to use their imaginations. All of the staff are very warm, caring, and nurturing, yet they are fostering independence in the children. The staff have been great about communicating with me if my son has been sick or there have been any concerns. The rooms are bright, cheerful, and always clean. My son loves going to "school" each day! - Kerri R. on 03/01/2011