Parents Testimonials

I like the structure of the program but communication of child's progress or activities need improvement. - Marilin R. on 12/06/2012

The teaching very advanced at such a young age very hands on with the kids - Cindy C. on 12/06/2012

How the treat my daughter. - Jose Luis U. on 12/06/2012

Very family oriented, cleanest 100% great teachers - Ana P. on 12/06/2012

Everything!!!! I love the everyone there. They have become part of my family. My son has grown up so well because of the commitment the teachers have made to him. He is finishing up vpk and i'm sad that he is not going to be there anymore but he is coming out a well educated boy and it is all because of his teachers and the staff. - Ana R. on 12/06/2012

Cameras and food - Jagjot D. on 12/06/2012

Staff is very friendly and knowledgible. They have great communication and I love the web cam - Melissa A. on 12/06/2012

Cleanliness, Staff, Security, and Friendliness. - Jennifer B. on 12/06/2012

Everything!! My son has grown in very way since I enrolled him 4 and a half years ago . - Angela S. on 12/06/2012

The children get hands on and are involved with the activities - Nicole S. on 12/05/2012

It is a very clean facility. This year especially i am very pleased with Asha's teachers, she is very happy. The educational program is also excellent. - Shobha V. on 12/04/2012

It is educational. The teachers care about the children and their families. My child has thrived at Kiddie Academy and I believe it has completely prepared her to start kindergarden this upcoming year. - Angelia L. on 12/04/2012

My daughter seems to be learning and enjoying her time there. - Elizabeth R. on 12/04/2012

The staff is very friendly and responsible. And the curriculum is very good - Ivelisse C. on 12/03/2012

I love the professionalism, the caring spirits of all of the workers, and the curriculum and behavior management systems in place. Kiddie Academy provides an environment that prepares our youngsters for a smooth transition into the public school system. - Kerri P. on 12/03/2012