Parents Testimonials

I feel like I can trust the staff to take care of my kids the way I would. - Jane K. on 11/27/2012

I feel that my daughter is learning more and at a faster pace than her previous daycare. She really enjoys the technique and energy of her teacher, Ms. Rosie. - Michelle H. on 11/27/2012

It is very hands on - Helen D. on 11/27/2012

Yes i do. My daughter has learned a lot since she has been.going there. - Bethany F. on 11/26/2012

We like how open and honest the teachers are and how much our child has learned in the few months he has been there. - Amy T. on 11/26/2012

Ever since we switched our son to KA, he has grown by leaps and bounds in every way. We couldn't be happier with the care he receives, and the staff at KA. - Alisha V. on 11/26/2012

my daughter is almost 12. she needs to be picked up from school and spend a few hours at kiddie on some compact days. occasionally, she will go to at kiddie on no-school days. i am happy with the facility because it is nearby and is very clean, cheerful & pleasant. caregivers, especially ms terri, are very friendly & responsible. i totally feel safe to send my daughter to kiddie. since older kids need less attention, if you can lower the fee, especially 1/2 day fee on compact day, for them, it will be awesome! - Wendy T. on 11/26/2012

As a parent my favorite part is being able to see pictures of my daughter throughout her day. I like the structure and organization of the facility. All the teachers are unique and put a lot of work into what they do. :) - Marianne R. on 11/23/2012

Extremely friendly and caring staff! Great strategies for learning! And a great curriculum to prepare for kinder! - Amy M. on 11/21/2012

-staff -technology use with variety of activities -implementation of foreign languages - Tatjana B. on 11/20/2012

What's not to like? The teachers are knowledgable, professional and sweet. Maritza is a Godsend! The curriculum is extremely strong and the menu is great! The building is beautiful and my two boys are happy there! Kerry Fikes - Kerry F. on 11/20/2012

Friendly staff. Warm, welcoming environment. Well organized and clean. - Chris C. on 11/20/2012

I love the different clubs the kids can participate in. I also love how KA makes sure homework gets completed. The staff is really nice and they interact with the kids. - Wendy C. on 11/19/2012

Love the teachers. Love the way they listen to our concerns and take care of our kids. - Shikha P. on 11/19/2012

Hours, proximity to my work, curriculum based program, diversity among staff and students. - Margherita K. on 11/19/2012