Parents Testimonials

Kiddie Academy goes above the norm to bring in educational programs for the kids. The classroom is a structured learning environment that brings out the best in the kids. - Ray R. on 11/03/2010

almost all - Laila Ibn E. on 11/03/2010

There is a lot of interaction with the children and hands on education. - Crystal R. on 11/03/2010

Staff creative program nurturing - Heather S. on 11/03/2010

The classrooms are very stuctured and the teachers are wonderful! - Angela P. on 11/03/2010

Personal care and attention to both students and parents. - Sandy B. on 11/03/2010

Class sizes are small Constant interaction between teacher and students Family atmosphere - Lindsay M. on 11/03/2010

Class room setting, patience and kindness of teachers, excellent curriculum. Partnership with parents to resolve child development issues. - Olivia O. on 11/03/2010

On par with school education. Very satisfied with the curriculam - Amita R. on 11/03/2010

Everyone at Kiddie Academy is warm and friendly. We have always been happy with how our child is treated. That staff is great and really makes you feel welcome. - Sarah E. on 11/03/2010

I love that the teachers have the personal touch to address every child as unique. They adjust their lessons to reach every child's potential both behaviorally and accademically. - Aydee C. on 11/03/2010

The teachers are the strength. The teaching style and the pattern is very entertaining and my kid enjoys going to school. - Sripriya M. on 11/03/2010

There is TRULY an organized educational curriculum, as well as (my preference) learning through play time. Other programs are offered, like computers, gym, karate. Plenty of art projects and circle time. - Dulce B. on 11/03/2010

hands-on, work closely with parent - Diane T. on 11/03/2010

Focus on the academic curriculum - Soomee K. on 11/03/2010