Parents Testimonials

Since starting at Kiddie Academy, our child has really amazed me with the things he has learned. Also, we moved him to Kiddie Academy because we were having supervision issues with our previous daycare. We have never had any issues since he started here and he really enjoys going to school every day. All of his teachers have been great too. Even though he is very young, I was very nervous about changing schools but almost immediately I knew I made the right decision. - Elizabeth H. on 12/16/2011

The teachers are so dedicated to helping the children. My daughter has not been at kiddie academy very long and i can already see an increase in her learning and skills we teach her alot at home but she's doing very well at kiddie academy! - Lakisha G. on 12/16/2011

People that care! Enjoy knowing that my child will get a Pre-K education that they would not receive in standard care or in the public school system (since Pre-K is based on a lottery system and income levels). - Pacria K. on 12/16/2011

I am extremly satisfied with the quality of care that my child receives at Kiddie Academy. I like the fact that the ciriculum meets the needs of the children and that it provides them a wide variety of learning. It is a very structured environment which is important for my child to grow and learn from. I also like the fact that there are cameras in the classrooms so that I can see what my child is doing throughout the day. - Diana K. on 12/15/2011

I respect the way the day is organized - 1/2 day preschool and 1/2 day child care. For a parent with young children not yet of preschool age it is a level of comfort knowning that your children are not just being "watched" at day care but actually learning. The ability to be involved as a parent is also very important, at least to my family. - Leigh O B. on 12/15/2011

My daughter has a great teacher, Miss Meghan. I like the consistent schedule. I would hope that Kiddie Academy would look to improve the food that they provide so that it is healthier. Some of the choices are not healthy. - Dawn J. on 12/15/2011

Everything! My child started at Kiddie Academy of Upper Freehold as an infant and is now inthe Pre-School program. On a weekly basis we (parents) are given a curriculum sheet of the new topics that will be introduced and suggestions for how we can use everyday objects and casual conversation to reinforce what the children have learned. KA makes learning easy and fun for my child. - Sheila W. on 12/15/2011


Kiddie Academy provides a clean, safe, friendly, nurturing and challenging environment for my grandchild. I would recommend to others. - Sharlene M. on 12/15/2011

The great staff and the webcams, as well as cleanliness - Gina C. on 12/15/2011

The staff is unbelievable! The projects are so creative and age appropriate for the kids. They really learn and are prepared for Kindergarten. This is why all my children have been enrolled in Kiddie Academy. - Anna M. on 12/15/2011

The appropriate educational curriculum for the appropriate age groups as well as the social interactions provided for the child. - Gaye S. on 12/15/2011

The staff at Kiddie Academy of Totowa are knowledgeable and extremely friendly. My son loves going to school and runs in to see his friends and teachers. - Jaclyn D. on 12/15/2011

It is important that the teachers who work with my child on a day to day basis are committed to the center, Kiddie Academy staff are tenured and devoted. - Nakisha B. on 12/15/2011

The Staff is very friendly and diligent. My daughter is five months old and daycare is new to us but the Staff at Eatontown has made us feel very welcome and very secure. She is given is very attentive and tender care. I am grateful for the cooperative spirit of the care providers. - Kathrine L. on 12/15/2011