Parents Testimonials

Kiddie Academy is a clean center with new toys and educational materials. The owners and director continue to buy new materials for the school as needed. The teachers are professional, kind, caring and lovable. My daughter loves her teachers and is very happy being there. The owners are down to earth, approachable and care about the happiness of the parents and students. The owners and director take a hands on approach when running this school. - Denise C. on 11/26/2011

The curriculum covers a wide variety of subjects, and the kids are able to develop at their own pace. The teachers recognize that different children have different needs and are willing to work with me to make sure my child has a positive experience given her specific needs. - Katrina M. on 11/25/2011

I love hearing my three year old saying the alphabet and the sounds that each letter makes while he also does the letter in sign language. The teachers have very creative ways of teaching!! - Lauren L. on 11/25/2011

Family friendly, clean and organised classrooms. Teachers are friendly and knowledgeable. I especially like that parents/families are kept informed generally about activities,events,important notices etc. @ kiddie academy. Communication is excellent. The best i have experienced from a daycare. - Claris N. on 11/25/2011

I love the secure checkpoint area! I like how my daughter is so comfortable with her teachers while I am not around and how her teachers send home reports so I know what she does during the day. - Anna D. on 11/23/2011

The curriculum. - Sheri S. on 11/22/2011

Well rounded. Good balance of fun and learning. - Nanette De S. on 11/22/2011

Variety of activities, e.g. reading, drawing, outdoor activities - Nadiya L. on 11/22/2011

Teachers are friendly and do listen to our concerns when we have them. I appreciate that aspect of the center. - Asta M. on 11/22/2011

I like that the younger children are being prepared for kindergarten so that when they start school they won't feel behind. They create fun activities to make learning fun. - Jennifer S. on 11/21/2011

The fact that many of the caregivers have been there for the whole time that we've been attending is comforting for the kids and a good sign for the parents that the environment is a kind and enjoyable one. The caregivers are friendly and I always enjoy Cami and Rose's upbeat and professional interaction. I also like the security system and the location is convenient for me. - Michelle M. on 11/21/2011

The staff is awesome, they care about the kids. The kids get a great education, it's a real program, not kids watching tv all day. - Silvia S. on 11/21/2011

My top three likes for this school: Good mix of acedemics and activities for early learners. Loving and dedicated staff who go by each individual child's requirement. Overall atmosphere of the school. - Eva D. on 11/21/2011

I most appreciate the teachers' commitment to individual attention and the clean environment. - Ashley A. on 11/21/2011

The attention and interest that the teachers have for the children is the absolute best. My husband and I couldn't be more satisfied with the progress our son has made with the support & guidance he's received from his teachers at Kiddie Academy of Horsham. - Brett L. on 11/20/2011