Parents Testimonials

Convenience to sports facilities and te convenient hours And my kids always loved their techers - Maria M. on 11/19/2011

I like that all the Teachers are very nice and friendly and always have a smile on their face. My boys look foward to going to Kiddie Academy where they learn new educational tools everyday that will help them when they start kindergarten. As a parent I can go to work knowing my boys are safe and in good hands, and that alone says alot. - Brianna L. on 11/19/2011

The teachers are wonderful and make sure that every child feels welcome and excepted. The program allows each child to shine in their own way and shows the teachers and parents what areas the child can improve upon. Overall a very warm and caring environment! - Merrissa B. on 11/19/2011

I most like the loving caring staff! - Kristy D. on 11/19/2011

Great people, wonderful community environment. Everyone who works there feels like they've been there forever and they really feel like family. Also I love all the extra activities. My son is still young but I am excited for him to be able to start participating when he's older. No other daycares we looked at came close to what's offered at kiddie academy here in Sparta. I am so happy we have our son here and we really love it! - Stacey D. on 11/18/2011

I like that you have computers and ipads for the kids. - Cynthia O. on 11/18/2011

Great curriculum, and meals, great for working parents. - Aifen Y. on 11/18/2011

The nurturing attention - Carla P. on 11/18/2011

EVerything. Everyone at the center is very friendly. Not to mention that my daughter loves goin there and loves all the staff - Olivia C. on 11/18/2011

I love that my child feels excited about going to school everyday. It is obvious that he is learning in a way that is developmentally appropriate for his age and that he is enjoying learning. - Shellie M. on 11/18/2011

I feel very heard as a parent with any questions or concerns I may have. my kids really love it there! they are learning and having fun! - Diane P. on 11/18/2011

my child is just one so to be honest I don't think he is getting too much educational stuff but I think the facility is very clean, the toys are new and the people are nice. it's close to our house and works with our work times so that us why we are there. I can't really speak about the education side yet. - Allison S. on 11/18/2011

The staff is very friendly and the classrooms are kept very neat and organized. Being able to log on and see your child on the webcam is an added bonus. The only thing I would recommend is to be more proactive in keeping parents up to date on whats going on with teachers. Turn around has been a little high and as a parent, I don't always know who is just a sub for a day and who is a new permanent teacher. I memo in the kids cubbies or an email to the parents in that class would probably work perfectly. - Jennifer M. on 11/18/2011

The care and passion of all the KA staff. - Zarina B. on 11/18/2011

Hours of operation, lunch and snacks provided, teachers who obviously care about their students, community feeling... - Sheryl M. on 11/18/2011