Parents Testimonials

I like that you are very flexible. Your hours are great because they meet the need of our family. One suggestion would be to make the snacks for snack time a bit an cut up apple, cucumber sticks, etc. Your staff is wonderful and I definitely appreciate them - Christina A. on 11/05/2011

The teachers are very professional and loving. I feel my kid is safe and well educated at the facility. - Jiyi W. on 11/05/2011

We just started but Im very impressed with the daily updates and tracking sheets. I also like that my son is getting outside play time every afternoon. The teachers all seem very nice and attentive. Overall really impressed. - Amy G. on 11/04/2011

The care of my girls daily. The professionalism and thoroughness of paperwork. - Sarah K. on 11/04/2011

I have only had my children in the after school program, but I am very pleased with the fact that the center is open until 6:30pm, the kids are supervised by teachers, and they are treated with care. - Melissa S. on 11/04/2011

I love everything about Kiddie Academy in Freehold. The atmosphere is so loving and caring. The owner is wonderful and always available. I have never had a problem and my daughter has learned so much in the year she's been enrolled there. I would refer anyone to Kiddie Academy in Freehold. - Katrina P. on 11/04/2011

KA takes the time to enforce, enhance, and follow through with the individual needs and assessments for our child. As she has grown and developed over the years, KA was an integral to every aspect. Their support and unwaivering commitment to excellence has made our job easier, as regards to raising our granddaughter. In times of unscheduled and unforseen circumstances, KA, and especially Wendy Barry, have gone the extra mile to ensure a safe, reliable atmosphere for our charge. I am well pleased with their entire program. Vince Pfeiffer - Cindy P. on 11/04/2011

This is the first day care setting that my daughter has been in and she absolutely loves it. All of the teachers and staff are very friendly and never seem to have any problems with questions that myself, a worried over-protective mother, might ask - Michelle W. on 11/04/2011

I love that my daughter gets so much care and attention. By the age of 2 she knew the whole to count to 20 and her colors! - Heather P. on 11/04/2011

The outstanding professionalism and facilities. - David B. on 11/04/2011

I appriciate all of the staff and their hard work. I have been a part of the Kiddie Academy family for almost 3 years and their dedication to the students and family only improves through out the years. - Patrizia C. on 11/04/2011

My son is thriving, you are well organized and professional, the staff has been so loving and caring - Temi M. on 11/04/2011

My daughter is not only learning pre-k readiness skills, she is also learning spanish and sign language. - Ingrid C. on 11/02/2011

1. It doesn't smell like dirty diapers when you walk in! 2. All of the teachers have been AMAZING and if there's an issue with one of them, you are more than happy to listen to my complaint and take care of the problem. 3. My child loves it!!! 4. I'm greeted upon arrival. 5. The teachers actually play with the kids and not just sit in a chair and watch them. 6. There's always something new and exciting for the kids to do. 7. They leave daycare and have actually learned something. I could keep going........................ - Amanda L. on 11/02/2011

My child is able to interact with other kids, learn a tremendous amount in preparation for school, and all in a safe & friendly environment! - Melinda F. on 11/02/2011