Parents Testimonials

The staff interaction with the parents to keep us informed of how our children are progressing. The standards set by Kiddie Academy to teach our children what is necessary in today's educational system. The dediction of the staff member caring about the children's needs to provide a safe and comforting environment. - Cheri J. on 02/10/2011

The program and interaction my child receives. The daily activities and environment. - Carrie D. on 02/10/2011

the education child care services Kiddie Academy of Kent Island were very beneficial to my daughter before she actually started school. They helped her prepare for pre-k and kindergarden - she seemed a little bit further along by the time she started school. - Jennifer A. on 02/10/2011

One thing I really like is the staff in my child's room. I feel very comfortable that they take great care of him, that he is happy, safe, comforted when needed as well as learning different things. - Christina G. on 02/09/2011

The teachers are very nice and I feel my child gets a very good education - Jeffrey L. on 02/09/2011

the individualized care and attetion that is provided... - Ron S. on 02/09/2011

I like the center based learning. I think it provides the kids structure and exposes them to areas of learning they might otherwise ignore. My child, for example, likes housekeeping, but her teachers encourage her to visit science. I also like the professional attitude we see from the directors down to the teachers. Parent teacher conferences and parent meetings to discuss future plans are also great ideas and show that the school is dedicated to educating the kids rather than simply babysitting. - Kelly C. on 02/09/2011

The one on one my child receives. - Amy N. on 02/09/2011

I like the curriculum and the schedule each day. My child knows the routine and that helps her feel more comfortable. The staff is also very friendly and provide my child with a lot of learning opportunities and character education. - Sharon B. on 02/08/2011

My child is getting essential educational and life skills in order to be a successful developing person. My child is an extremly active, inquisitive, and hands on child that needs a consistant and encouraging environment to meet those needs. Kiddie Academy takes the time to listen and learn about my child and is willing to work with me to create an enviornment that is engaging for him. I am confident that he will be prepared for the kindergarten and elementary curriculum and social skills that he will encounter. - Kim F. on 02/08/2011

Their is a wonderful balance of structure yet flexibility when necessary to meet both the child and/or parent's needs. - Barb F. on 02/08/2011

I like everything that Kiddie Academy has offered to my child since she has been two and she is now almost 7. Each class offers different child care services based on that age. So many of the same teachers and childern are still there and that means alot. The connection we have is priceless. - Jeanne G. on 02/08/2011

I feel that the staff and teachers are kind and very concerned about the safety, education, and emotional well being of my son. - Paula S. on 01/10/2011

Family oriented, OPEN classrooms, GREAT STAFF...every last one,everybody knows the kids names and cares about them. My child is learning way more than I would ever teach him. Love the diversity of kids and staff. - Kimberly S. on 12/02/2010

I feel that kiddie academy have always put the my childs educational progress at top priority and make my make my child feel like kiddie academy is their second home i would defenently recommend kiddie academy to everyone - Yesenia M. on 12/02/2010