Parents Testimonials

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Child lears a lot. They have good circulum according to child age and do lot of project the kids enjoy and learn from. - Ami P. on 10/19/2011

Clean facility, great teachers. They paid attention to my child's food needs by adjusting their menu. It helped a lot in controlling my child's food allergies. - Rudybeth P. on 10/19/2011

I very much like that the same women are with our children everyday. The webcams are also a major plus! - Kelly K. on 10/19/2011

The teachers are caring and help my children achieve their best! The Center provides a safe and nourshing envirnoment for children to grow. - Julia J. on 10/19/2011

Everyone is so nice and easy to talk with about everything going on with our child. I have and will continue to recommend Kiddie Academy of Horsham! - Amber S. on 10/19/2011

1. Child / teacher ratio 2. Structure, kindness, dicipline, patience torwards the children. 3. Open communication with parents 4. Creativeness - Christina R. on 10/19/2011

I think the people at Kiddie Academy are very kind. They care alot about the kids. They dont have a crazy schedule when school is closed like some other pre-schools. They work with you when needed. I would recommend anybody who needs child care to come to this school. - Lory F. on 10/18/2011

In general, I'm always aware of what my child is learning...both day to day, and month to month. By knowing the lessons taught each day, our family can discuss in more detail what she did, learned, and enjoyed. - Jessica C. on 10/18/2011

The atmosphere is great! The teachers are so sweet and nice! - Maria C. on 10/18/2011

So far everything, Justys comes home and I see he does something new everyday,,he's happy when I leave him nd when I get him so I knows he's threaded good - Suleyka M. on 10/18/2011

The staff is warm and caring to my son. I have never had a second thought about leaving my son in their care. He asks to go to Kiddie Academy. - Alexis W. on 10/18/2011

I think there are a few areas where communication could be improved; for example, I didn't know until I read the last monthly newsletter that we could do online bill pay for childcare. And I do read the newsletter every month! :) I noticed that there are some info stations cropping up, and that should be a big help. Sometimes it's hard for us to absorb info when we're rushing around dropping kids off. Overall I am happy with what my kids are learning and the care they are getting. I get a feeling that the staff genuinely cares about my kids, which is nice. - Stephanie M. on 10/18/2011

I like the staff and the type of service provided (ex: food & education included). I also like how the rooms are seperated by 1/2 walls, so you can see what everyone is doing. The only thing I was concerned about is when kids who have a runny nose wasn't well maintain. They would always run around with snots on their face, but this may have changed since its under new management. As of now, I haven't came across one and hope I never do. Over all, I still would recommend this day care. - Mary Ann M. on 10/18/2011

Every teacher is so loving and caring, they all know my son's name even if he is not in the class they teach. Thay are patient and very clean. - Cherie F. on 10/18/2011

The staff and teachers are very friendly. My daughter enjoys and looks forward to going to school. The Enrichment Program in the mornings challenge her and keeps her learning new things. - Claire Z. on 10/17/2011