Parents Testimonials

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Curriculum, time playing outside, teachers - Hillary Q. on 11/04/2010


Three items at Kiddie Academy made our decision easy -- the security, the webcam, and the cleaniness of the facility. Besides the other items, like the friendly staff and great care my child recieves, Kiddie Academy was uncomparable to any other child care facility we looked at- and we looked at several! - Natalie R. on 11/04/2010

I am very impressed with the entire staff. My daughter absolutely loves Miss Maggie. Everyone seems very committed to the children and their development. The facility is always clean and kid friendly and Kiddie Academy always has fun activities to keep my daughter active and engaged in school. - Kirsten M. on 11/04/2010

The curriculum is unlike any other; therefore, setting it above the competition. I am impressed with the approach and style laid out for the children as well. - Marcia R. on 11/03/2010

It will be a year for my son in December and just within the first month of him being in your facility he had shown so much speech, colors, numbers, shape and his overall communication. - Amanda P. on 11/03/2010

My husband and I are both educators and finding high quality child care for our 2 children is our top priority. Kiddie Academy has an extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff that make you feel very welcome. It is a center that not only strives to be child centered but family centered as well. We wanted our children to be in a safe, clean, nurturing environment that provided them the opportunities to grow socially, emotionally and academically. Kiddie Academy of Streamwood has exceeded our expectations. The communication, curriculum and opportunities for parent involvement are all outstanding. We feel that the staff at Kiddie Academy are truly dedicated to providing the best possible experiences for our children. We have watched our daughter develop a genuine love for learning thanks to Kiddie Academy and feel that she is more than prepared to enter kindergarten. Our infant son is having fun playing with other babies, singing songs, painting, reading books and exploring the world around him. We feel that both of our children are loved and we are very grateful. - Colleen P. on 11/03/2010

All the lessons and structure that are taught at Kiddie Academy, they have enhanced my 3 year old son's speaking abilities. Before he started at Kiddie Academy, he was having a very hard time understanding anything I was telling him and could not speak sentences yet. Now being at Kiddie Academy for 6 months, he can speak in sentences, he understands everything I say and is almost completely potty trained! Raising a child on your own can be challenging, with teaching new things constantly and with keeping a set schedule, but with Kiddie Academy, they make it easier and your child benefits the most! - Dana E. on 11/03/2010

I love how they add sensery with the children with so much hands on. - Nasrene I. on 11/03/2010

The staff is friendly and accomodates our ever changing needs. - Heidi S. on 11/03/2010

excellent staff who really care, great curriculum, clean classrooms - Nichole H. on 11/03/2010

I like how the teachers are very involved with my kids. My oldest son always gets the help he needs for the math homework he does after school and my youngest is always shown respect and care. - Heidi P. on 11/03/2010

EVERYTHING!!! The education my daughter is receiving is top-notch...She is being sent to school everyday, not just another daycare. She is constantly learning and amazes me everyday with something new. - Amy W. on 11/03/2010

Staff, Curriculum, Individual & Group Activities - Venkatesa R. on 11/03/2010

The center is always very clean. The people that work there all know all the kids by name and seem to really care about each and every one of them!I have never seen any staff member seem stressed out or out of control with the kids, they all are very professional. - Rachel B. on 11/03/2010