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Why Parents Love Kiddie Academy Educational Childcare

Everything!! - Barbara D. on 11/16/2010

The dedication put in by the teachers in teaching the kids and having the patience. - Elena M. on 11/16/2010

Its a very safe environment. - Samira H. on 11/16/2010

We love everything! - Angie M. on 11/16/2010

I like that the place is very clean and neat! It is also very big, so the kids are not confined to small classes. The teachers and staff are very friendly and I absolutely love that I can see my daughter online whenever I want to! - Michelle P. on 11/16/2010

Everything is very clean and organized. Good activities for the kids. - Melissa D. on 11/16/2010

All the teachers are very nurturing and always happy. - Alessandra G. on 11/16/2010

I am extremely satisfied with Kiddie Academy of Miami Lakes; their academic program and staff are superb. I feel like my daughter has been stimulated from day one of her enrollment. As far as room for improvement, I would prefer to see the video surveillance be a little more smooth and less streamed. It can sometime be choppy and difficult to enjoy watching the children's interaction. - Consuelo S. on 11/16/2010

The interest in the children, not only the bussiness. - Claudia B. on 11/16/2010

The education provided at Kiddie Academy is superior to any we have experienced in the past. Furthermore, the caring and loving environment keeps my son happy and feeling like he is with "Family" and not at school. We consider ourselves to be very blessed to have joined the Kiddie Academt Community. - Marilyn R. on 11/16/2010

I love the sense of family at Kiddie Academy. From an educational standpoint, the teachers provide a wonderful first step into classwork and education for the kids. All of the teachers are very nurturing to the kids and they make the kids feel special. - Victoria F. on 11/16/2010

I think the educational child care services are great! The children are learning a a good rate. They are not just playing all day they get the know there letters and numbers as well as other important things in there life. - Laura M. on 11/16/2010

I like the structure for the class my 2yr old is in. I like that there is breakfast at 9am, then playtime, then storytime and educational time, followed by lunch and nap... It is nice to see incorporation of real life activities also such as washing dishes and taking caring of babies. I feel my daughter picks up a lot at preschool and it is nice to see it is all positive thus far. - Sonal G. on 11/15/2010

THE PEOPLE - Charles S. on 11/15/2010

I am very satisfied with our overall experience with Kiddie Academy. The teachers are amazing. The administartion is always accessible and extremely helpful. - Josh R. on 11/14/2010