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“The personal attention, all of the activities and they way parents are made a big part of the activities.”

Carrie D.


“I like the teachers. They are very personable and seem to really enjoy what they do. I also feel I can speak to them about anything. My son LOVES Kiddie Academy - some nights he doesn't want to leave. I think that right there, speaks volumes.”

Andrea R.


“My kids get the learning that I would love them to get. Noah which is now my 2 year old was hardly talking when he went into school. Now he learning more and I love the school would recommend it to anybody”

Jessica H.


“It is evident that a child's well being is your primary focus. Sunni, understands how much our children are our most treasured asset.”

Bernadette F.


“I like that I see my daughter learning a lot. At first she started out very quiet and now she is much more talkative. She knows so many things it's surprising.”

Gracie R.


“Security, Kind staff, clean, curriculum, cameras”

Jessica I.


“When our daughter who never been to a daycare first came to Kiddie Academy, she had a hard time to adjust. She cried all the time, wouldn't eat or nap. I am very grateful to the staffs there to listen/answer to our needs and helped her transition from a home setting to a daycare setting. Today, she loves going there. Thank you Kiddie Academy of Streamwood!”

May L.


“The teachers and staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and caring. They are an added resource for my "first-time parent" questions. My son LOVES going to school every day and is even sad on the days he stays home. This gives me great comfort in the care they are giving him. Plus, I can check in on him at any time via web-cam or phoning in and everyone is extremely helpful.”

Jessica R.


“The teaching staff seems to really enjoy working with the children.”

Kathleen F.


“Our kids are happy to be at school and recieve a fun, educational environment.”

Kristi B.


“Curriculum, time playing outside, teachers”

Hillary Q.



Shale F.


“Three items at Kiddie Academy made our decision easy -- the security, the webcam, and the cleaniness of the facility. Besides the other items, like the friendly staff and great care my child recieves, Kiddie Academy was uncomparable to any other child care facility we looked at- and we looked at several!”

Natalie R.


“I am very impressed with the entire staff. My daughter absolutely loves Miss Maggie. Everyone seems very committed to the children and their development. The facility is always clean and kid friendly and Kiddie Academy always has fun activities to keep my daughter active and engaged in school.”

Kirsten M.


“The curriculum is unlike any other; therefore, setting it above the competition. I am impressed with the approach and style laid out for the children as well.”

Marcia R.


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