Two-Year-Old Bath and Bedtime

End your child’s day by integrating learning into their bedtime routine.

Are you looking for fun home-learning activities to do with your two-year-old? Our team of early childhood curriculum experts thoughtfully curated these home-education activities from our proprietary Life Essentials® curriculum to help your family Learn On® when away from the Academy. Whether it’s during mealtime, playtime, clean up time, bath time, or bedtime – our at-home curriculum is built so you can easily integrate school-from-home learning opportunities in seamless, easy, and fun ways.

If I Ruled the Kingdom

Level of instruction: Detailed

When: Bedtime, Playtime

Time recommendation: 15 minutes

Participants: One-on-one

Learning Domain: Language and Literacy Development

Learning Standards: Comprehends and uses extended vocabulary to answer questions; Participates in stories, rhymes, and songs

Song “Kings and Queens,” paper, markers
Kings and Queens
Tune: “This Old Man”
Kings and queens, strong, brave knights
Fire breathing dragons fly
Around the castles and towers so high
Rule the land both far and wide


Sing the song with your child. Discuss with your child that kings and queens rule kingdoms. They create and enforce the rules of the land. Encourage your child to associate a king or a queen with a familiar adult such as a parent. Parents make the rules to follow in the house, just like a king and queen does for a kingdom. Invite your child to pretend to be a king or queen and list ways to rule his or her kingdom. Record your child’s responses on paper.

Observe to see if your child participates in singing the song. Does your child show an understanding of the question? Is your child able to answer the question with guidance?

Cloud Hopping

Level of instruction: Easy

When: Outdoor, Playtime, Before bedtime

Time recommendation: 20 minutes

Participants: One-on-one, Child-led, Siblings

Learning Domain: Physical Development

Learning Standards:
Gross motor Development, Shape recognition and identification

Materials: White paper, markers, scissors


Draw shapes (or letters, or numbers) on white paper cut into cloud shapes and adhere them to the floor in an open area or outdoors on a sidewalk. Invite your child to play a game by hopping from cloud to cloud. Call out names of shapes, and challenge your child to locate and hop to that shape.

Observe to see if your child identified the shapes while hoping to each cloud. Does your child hop with one foot or two feet?

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Level of instruction: Moderate
When: Playtime

Time recommendation: 20 minutes

Participants: One-on-one, Siblings

Learning Domain: Language and Literacy

Learning Standards: Sorts objects by size, Comprehension, Attentiveness

Materials: Book Goldilocks and the Three Bears; household items that are small, medium and large


Read the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears to your child. Invite him or her to repeat the predictable text with you. After the story, display the items that you collected from around the house. Invite your child to help sort the items by size. Encourage him or her to make a pile of the big, medium, and small items. Use synonyms for the size words—large, tiny, etc.

Observe your child using vocabulary from the story. Does your child sort the objects by size? Does your child repeat the predictable text as you read the story?

Looking for more activities for you and your two-year-old?

  • Playtime: Make sure your child’s time spent playing is filled with opportunities to learn.
  • Quiet time: Encouraging low-key activities during quiet time helps children develop independent play skills.
  • Outside Time: The great outdoors can be the best classroom of all.

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