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Love the live stream, the constant communication, and the fact that my kid loves to go. - Catherine P. on 09/05/2023

The education my kids have received is unbelievable. My son was reading before going into kindergarten! The learning they are doing is unmatched. When I would hear “daycare” I just thought it was kids playing all day. This is playing but learning through play which is the best type of learning they can get! - Samantha T. on 08/29/2023

The teachers seem to actually care about my daughter and treat all the kids well. I've ran into a few of them now on weekends or after work at stores in the neighborhood and they were thrilled to come say hi to my family. - Evan Z. on 08/08/2023

Everything - Evangeline K. on 07/22/2023

The teachers are welcoming, I get daily reports that show me what my girls are doing and pictures through out the day. - Katie B. on 07/22/2023

I like Heather is variety throughout the day of activities and educational opportunities. And that it changes from day today. - Sabrina K. on 07/15/2023

I love the fact that I have visual abilities to check on my child anytime of the day and know that she is safe and to see what she is doing throughout the day. I love that the teachers are so compassionate and attentive to my child. I love that the educational environment is warm, friendly and welcoming. - Lekeysha A. on 05/16/2023

Food and progress of my child - Jacqueline K. on 04/15/2023

How the day is structured and the learning activities. - Courtney U. on 04/11/2023

Camera access to one's child's classroom - Evangeline K. on 04/04/2023

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We are conveniently located behind the Wegmans in the Boulevard at Box Hill shopping center.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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