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the activities - Priya A. on 05/17/2023

The director, Ms. Jenna, welcomed our family with a warm heart and every teacher at this facility is exceptional with student engagement. You can definitely rely on staff for live updates on all the happenings in your child’s classroom! This academy has a top tier lesson plans that caters to every aspect of life. Our family really loves this school! - Carolyn P. on 05/17/2023

Kiddie academy has been amazing ! My daughter had a bad experience before attending and within a couple weeks she was bolting in . I love that the whole staff knows every child , and greets them all. They’re constantly going above and beyond to do amazing , fun things with them as well as teaching - Melody O. on 05/17/2023

It’s extremely hands on and thorough . Every time i pick up my kids , they have learned something new - Nina A. on 05/10/2023

We have three young children that attend Kiddie Academy of Alpharetta and they all absolutely love it here. All of the teachers are incredibly friendly and very patient but firm with the children. Our girls are learning so many new things every week and they love telling and showing us what they learned. In addition, they have some extra curricular activities you can sign up for that take place during the day. One of our daughters participates in the Techie Kids Club and the other practices yoga. It has been such a welcoming and supportive school. We were so lucky that they had room for all three of our girls when we arrived to the area. - Janna Del C. on 05/10/2023

I’ve noticed a difference with Jibreel’s learning curve miss shay has been doing such a great job with the kids and honestly everyone are really nice - Hend M. on 05/10/2023

My daughter has behavioral issues. The whole staff has been amazing with her. Miss Kirsten was the first to let me know they have helped with other kids with behavioral issues. Miss Jenna has been so amazing when my little one has had anxiety attacks or when her anger has taken over. Miss Esther has been so firm but always loving to my girl. The best thing she ever said to me when my daughter first started and was having issues is "we are just trying to learn what works to make her feel okay". Other places said they were learning how to "deal" with my daughter. Miss Angel just makes my daughter feel so loved in the mornings. I love when my daughter tries to "scare" her. Miss Rubi has been the best in having my girl excel in her learning. The whole staff has helped my daughter to understand her feelings and how to express it healthy. Thank you for everything Kiddie Academy! - Racquel S. on 05/10/2023

My daughter is really happy going there and she has learned a lot. The teachers and all staff is very welcoming and helpful. - Carolina R. on 05/10/2023

We are really grateful for the educational service that you provide for the kids and I am thankful for having my kid enrolled in this great institution. The facility and the staff provide the best care possible for the kids and the teachers are too good. I would say this is the best Pre K academy in the neighborhood. - Koushik K. on 03/02/2023

Their staffs Professional, they take good care of your kids, they give them school work and activities to do everyday. A great school. I will recommend it to anyone. You will not regret your child being in that school - Imafedia A. on 03/01/2023

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3200 North Point Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 30005.

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