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My daughter was recently diagnosed with ADHD and ODD, so she has some real behavioral issues. When I spoke to the school, they told me that they have worked with children with behavioral issues. I loved that they said worked and not dealt with. Wen my daughter started and had her "melt downs" and they had to call me for some assistance I worked on helping them on the phone. There were a couple of times I had to pick up my daughter and all they told me is they are trying to find what works for my daughter and help her through the day. Again they way the words have been phrased had made me feel happy and that my daughter is in a safe place. Her teacher, Miss Ruby, has been amazing with my daughter. She is in the school's private Pre-K and she is counting, adding, starting to read, and most of all, my daughter is loving to learn. I wished I had found this school from when she was a baby because my daughter is doing amazing! - Racquel S. on 01/27/2023

The Friendly loving staff who truly care for my girls. - Melissa C. on 01/20/2023

I love kiddie academy because 3 of my kids attend their daycare and never once have i had to worry if they were being cared for . My kids come home everyday and share all the things they have learned from their abc’s to counting , arts and crafts and so much more . The staff are amazing, friendly and passionate. I love that i can see my kids on camera while at work . - Nina A. on 01/20/2023

Very safe environment. We love Ms. Janna( director) who always very attentive and closely monitor, mentor all the classrooms. We always feel comfortable with our kid’s class teacher, owner, staffs.They are great people and our kid love this school. - Priya K. on 01/20/2023

Ms T. In groovy giraffes provides our son with ample opportunity to experience different feelings and textures while also providing anumber of activities that stimulate his mind. - Joe D. on 01/19/2023

It’s good - Deepak A. on 01/19/2023

Constant updates and accessibility - Kristen T. on 01/19/2023

We love how caring and attentive the staff is! They have made our first daycare experience so comfortable and easy!! - Abby D. on 01/19/2023

Field trips over school breaks - Brittany M. on 01/19/2023

All the staff are very friendly. Kids are really comfortable and happy with them. Thank you so much for everything. - Sravya K. on 01/19/2023

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3200 North Point Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 30005.

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