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The daily activities planned for the children with emphasis in education and personal growth. Also, greatly appreciate the friendliness, support, and daily communications with the entire Kiddie Academy team. - Tammy B. on 09/05/2014

My daughter really enjoys this school. The best thing is the teachers. They always are there and truly care about the children. The levels in education are amazing. She comes home every day and can teach me new things! - Dawn M. on 08/29/2014

We are so happy at KA. The programs, technology, menu and most importantly the people! The teachers are all wonderful, and Karim is such a friendly face who knows every kids name- and the kids love him! When the owner is as invested as Karim is, I know that my child will receive the best care possible. - Kate S. on 08/29/2014

The teachers care about my child. That's the FIRST and most important aspect of the daycare. - Maggie D. on 08/29/2014

I love how inviting and friendly the family is at KA. My daughter bursts through the front door in the morning and runs to her class. Miss Christine is an absolute gem and incredibly patient with the children. She is energetic and always coming up with new activities for the little ones. I also love the Tadpole system. As a parent, I like to know activities my daughter did each day versus the standard meals/potty time that other day care centers provide. The pictures are an added bonus, too! - Sarah G. on 08/29/2014

i love the tadpoles updates every day, plus the pictures that are sent. And I love how involved Ms. Wanda is with her students. - Andrea B. on 08/29/2014

The following: 1) The learning curriculum is challenging and fun. 2) The one-on-one interaction the teachers have with the students. 3) The teachers are caring, intelligent, professional, and fun. 4) The teachers do an excellent job in documenting and communicating the students daily activities. 5) The teachers are considerate and always have time to address any questions or concerns with parents. 6) The managers are consistently professional and always have an open door policy. ***My children are happy and look forward to going toKiddie Academy of Ashburn every day of the week. - Jennifer G. on 07/25/2014

I love the fact that the teachers, administrators, and the owner really care about the children. I have spent a lot of time in my child's classroom and the teachers treat the kids as if they are their own. The bonds and trust that the children have in their teachers is evident. Additionally, the teachers, as well as the administration and the owner have a frequent presence in the classrooms. I also really enjoy the fact that even though the classrooms have dedicated teachers, the teachers occasionally float between classrooms and they get to know the other children. It makes me feel good that teachers from other classrooms can comment to me about my child. It allows me the opportunity to have interactions with the teachers that my child will have when they get older. The communication between parent and teacher is frequent and abundant. They never hesitate to have casual conversation as well as express any concerns they may have. Even at young ages, Kiddie Academy of Ashburn really focuses on character traits and character development. The children learn and grow everyday. They not only learn from their teachers but they also learn from each other. I am very happy with the progress that my child has made since starting at Kiddie Academy of Ashburn. - Janae G. on 07/24/2014

1) Ownership - good quality at the top trickles down 2) Safety - code in/code out; offices right next to the entry w/ someone addressing people as they come in - this informal traffic bird dogging stands out in my mind as one of the greatest contributors to safety and prevention of unapproved access; cameras 3) Communication - both from the center at large and from the infant teachers directly to parents - Rebecca G. on 07/22/2014

Quality Staff - Nathan B. on 07/16/2014

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