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The teachers and administrative staff are very interactive with my child. Most of the teachers know my child by name, even if she is not in their class. I am always greeted upon entering the building and leaving. I feel like my daughter is constantly encouraged and challenged with new activities and ideas. I love the "Watch Me Grow" program and it definitely makes the day go easier being able to see the fun my daughter is having while receiving such a great education. My only concern with KA has been the turn over of staff. While I have liked all of the teachers, and I know KA does it's best to keep at least one familiar face in each room, in the beginning it was rather difficult for my daughter and for myself in regards to knowing who to talk to about my daughter's daily routine. The "Tadpole" program has made things easier. I now receive detailed daily reports as well as pictures throughout the day. Thanks Kiddie Academy! - Melissa W. on 07/15/2014

i like tadpoles report end of the day and attention they pay to my kid. - Hema A. on 07/14/2014

All the teachers are very sweet, he feels safe and happy, the curriculum is great he does new things everyday and My husband and I love that they email us daily pictures of what he is doing through the day. We are very blessed to have found such a wonderful place for our son. Ligia Grande. - Ligia G. on 07/13/2014

The classrooms and facilities are bright, well kept and promote a great creative energy. The teacher and staff are all very loving, caring and you can tell that they are very passionate about what they do. My son has several favorite teachers and always asks to go see them again after we go home. You know its a great place when your 3 year old asks to go BACK to school! - Jennifer Van M. on 07/12/2014

Thanks to Aydin's teachers, they helped me transition him to using a sippy cup and using the pacifier. Both were huge milestones for us! Also, any concerns I have had in the past have always been handled promptly. We see an improvement in Aydin's communication and social skills daily. The staff which includes Karim, Lynda and Ashley have been extremely supportive and have proven that Kiddie Academy is the right place for Aydin. Thank you Kiddie Academy! - Huda K. on 07/11/2014

The entry mechanism - Janet K. on 07/11/2014

bright, clean and open classrooms, caring, friendly and experience teachers/staff, shaded playground, abundant of modern educational and entertaining equipments/supplies/materials, secured check in-out process, engaging and educational programs/activities, tadpole (paperless, pics and videos), teacher/students ratio, management with open door policy - Pop M. on 07/11/2014

Everything!! - Kristen N. on 07/11/2014

Excellent teachers and staff providing good curriculum. - Nathan B. on 02/27/2014

Very friendly staff and easy to access facility. - Ram E. on 02/26/2014

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Our Academy is conveniently located in Goose Creek Village, Ashburn, Virginia.

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