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Health and Safety Programs By Age Before & After School Preschool Learning Virtual & In-Person Tours - Thanaa Al A. on 10/20/2023

We love having a place to drop off our daughter that is safe, clean, and overall a fun learning environment. The staff here is welcoming and kind. The teachers are wonderful. They care about their kids and take the time to get to know each of them while also providing activities like arts and crafts, music, and story time. It is also a perk that you can peek in on the classroom throughout the day through their camera app. - Anna L. on 10/20/2023

Close to the house but the daily reports are lacking details most of the time. - John M. on 10/20/2023

Enriched learning is a canvas everyone can expand upon. Kiddie Academy has not only taken the initiative, but welcomed the challenge. It does my heart well to see the multidimensional canvas of learning promoted at Kiddie Academy. Even at the preschool level, my son has enrichment in art, physical health, music, math, and cultural awareness. This is exceptional, and one of the reasons I highly recommend kiddie Academy. - Kyra C. on 09/15/2023

The teachers are great and really care about the babies and like to smile, laugh, and play with them. I love all of the crafts and art work that gets sent home. I love having access to the cameras to see what goes on during the day as well as a summary of her naps, dirty diapers, and food during the day. I love how nice and welcoming all of the staff is and find all the programs you do fun. - Haley P. on 09/08/2023

Being able to watch my kid on video Arts and crafts Curriculum Routine Naptime - Theresa Spech dos S. on 09/08/2023

everything, the way you take care of our kids and the education you provide. - Prynet Z. on 05/26/2023

Your facility is close to our house. - John M. on 05/19/2023

There just awesome people and keeps parents updated - Skylar B. on 04/06/2023

When there is a problem, directors and teacher work together to try and solve it. They seem to have a really holistic approach to working with the parents to solve problems such as behavior, potty training, eating, allergies, etc. - Lance I. on 03/30/2023

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