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We love it - Holly R. on 10/21/2021

Instead of daycare just being a babysitting operation the children are taught skills and educational material. - Benjamin B. on 10/21/2021

Level and care of the teachers in the room as well as communication from the administration - Katie C. on 10/21/2021

My daughter seems to always love her teachers. When I drop off, she runs to hug them and isn’t sad that mom is leaving. Her nursery teachers were wonderful modifying for her GI issues as an infant. - Hilary O. on 10/19/2021

Great communication and teachers CARE! - Garett B. on 10/14/2021

Very well organized. Very well thought out curriculum. Excellent teaching staff. Great facility! - Jeremiah G. on 10/14/2021

I like the management team and they seem to really care about the kids that are under their care - Daniel S. on 10/14/2021

We pulled our boys from a different daycare due to the way our oldest was being treated. He was having a lot of behavioral issues because of the environment he was in. Alyssa, Jessica and their staff have made him feel safe (he did not at his old center) and helped us as parents figure out what he needed and put a system in place to help curve his behavioral issues. We saw an almost immediate change in him once he realized he was safe at KA. He’s now thriving again. - Courtney L. on 10/14/2021

Safe environment, willing to do extra curricular activities, friendly staff and kids are learning every day - Jessica M. on 10/14/2021

I can tell even just how the teachers interact with the other children that everyone is getting individualized attention that they need. We like the structure and schedule given for pre-K. My son has a bit of anxiety doing things without his parents and the teachers miss April and miss Katie do such a great job at trying to find ways to make him comfortable. They honestly seem to cheer him on in his progress of getting over the social anxiety. He is learning a lot and a great variety of things and it shows at home. Everyone is very welcoming up front when we walk in also and it is refreshing. - Melissa S. on 09/28/2021

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We are located just West of the intersection on 204th and Pacific Street.

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