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I love how all the teachers great my son in the morning. He has been enrolled here for four years and every one here has shaped his education in some way. Thank you please keep on doing what all you have been doing. A wonderful job. - Angela S. on 08/02/2013

Excellent care and kid friendly - Sreelatha C. on 08/01/2013

I like that there is a curriculum and is posted in the classrooms for parents/guardians can see. The communication forms summarize what went on in my daughter's day :) I like that things aren't just circled, that there's added details. I really like the staff-- who have been very welcoming and friendly to me and my daughter. The tuition amount is decent (compared to the last daycare my daughter attended. - Rodelyn L. on 07/03/2013

Jacob was prepared for kindergarten after he finished the pre kindergarten program at Kiddie Academy of Elkton. He was one of the top kids in his class. Every summer Kiddie Academy keep Jacob reading and working on things to keep his mind in gear. All of the staff there is so family oriented that Jacob gets up every morning ready to go to Summer Camp for the next adventure. - Kim F. on 07/03/2013

We checked out 3 places in the area and we felt Kiddie Academy was the best. - Sujith M. on 07/02/2013

Your staff is amazing. From top to bottom every staff knows the name of every child, all of their quirks and unique qualities, and they all seem to understand how to relate to each child, even when they are not in their class. With the amount of children there every day that range so widley in ages, that is an outstanding feat in deed! - Katie H. on 07/02/2013

You provide a caring/loving environment. My son always receives attention and cuddle time when he needs it. The meals that you provide are a blessing. This way he is not eating the same thing everyday. - Sandra P. on 06/13/2013

When I started school you would lear your alphabet/counting in kindergarden and then start to read/math in first grade. Our son is 3 years old and knows his alphabet, started adding/subtracting and has started to learn how to spell. That is truely amazing to me! I feel like he is getting the head start that every child should have. - Kara L. on 06/12/2013

The center has a family feel to it and the teachers are great! Our daughter is learning new things everyday and is excited to tell us/show us what she's learned. She loves her teachers so much that she constantly plays "teacher" and says she wants to be a teacher like them when she grows up. - Beth L. on 06/12/2013

Its the little things that make you guys over the top. My baby got sick and I was called to come pick her up. The stomach bug was going around. The teacher asked if she could give her a bath. I responded, "Yes Please!" My other daycare never did that. - Lindsey H. on 06/11/2013

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We are conveniently located off of Route 40 in the Upper Chesapeake Corporate Center, next to the MVA.

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