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I love that even at 1 there is a curriculum. My daughter is learning so much and loves her teachers. I never worry about her while at work because I know she is getting excellent care. - Julie M. on 06/29/2015

Level of care by the staff is high not only when the child us in their care but beyond as well. They stop by and say hello often. My daughter feels comfortable and she likes attending the center. - Lydia K. on 06/29/2015

Very kid friendly and organized - Terah S. on 06/29/2015

Clean, caring, communication. I love the structure, curriculum and people. Love tadpoles. - Carisa B. on 06/29/2015

The Curriculum is outstanding especially the way the teachers implement all the lesson plans - Michael C. on 06/29/2015

I love the tadpole app and the daily updates. I am very pleased with the care my child is getting - Jennifer G. on 06/20/2015

The teachers are so wonderful with the kids, My daughter is only 6 months and is already so far advanced that her dr says she is at the level of an 11 month old. I have also already recommend KA and the child is now a student with you guys :) - Leanne N. on 05/26/2015

The teachers love for the kiddies and activities they do each day! - Jillian T. on 05/25/2015

There is a good mix of play and learning. The mobile app allows for me to see what is going on in the daily activities of my child and allows me to get a better sense of what his day is like. - Eric V. on 05/11/2015

I enjoy the family friendly environment that Kiddie Academy provides. I trust that my son is safe, learning, practicing skills previously taught and having fun on a daily basis. The class sizes are small too which is perfect for individual attention. Kiddie Academy provides children with a full day of learning and fun. From learning new words, concepts and songs to celebrating holidays, playing, arts & crafts and family projects. Everyday is a new adventure . - Cynthia P. on 04/27/2015

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