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I am amazed by how much my daughter has learned. I love how she has been introduced to learning in a way that makes it fun and sets her up to enjoy school and reading for the rest of her life :-) - Jennifer K. on 04/01/2015

Mt favorite thing about Kiddie Academy is the wide range of activities that all relate back to the weekly lessons. There is no shortage of creativity. My daughter is busy and content while she improves on her academics and has so much fun. - Laura M. on 03/30/2015

We are very happy with the quality of education and care our daughter receives. We would and have recomended Kiddie Academy of Farmingdale to family and friends. - Christine C. on 03/27/2015

The academic curriculum, staff and leadership at Kiddie Academy is amazing. - Michael C. on 03/26/2015

My daughter is extremely happy at Kiddie Academy. So, I couldn't be happier! - Christine G. on 03/26/2015

The open communication and welcoming smiles with the teachers and staff is terrific. The creativity and diversity of the curriculum and projects are amazing. They make learning fun! My daughter comes home everyday telling us what she learned with excitement and enthusiasm. What more could you ask for!? I will be sending my 3 year old in the fall to this school with the upmost confidence she will like it just as much as my older daughter does. Only suggestion...have some of the special days like pumpkin picking, parties, special person's day etc. on other days as well as Fridays. She missed quite a few activities because she only goes M-Wed. - Paul T. on 03/26/2015

From the amazing teachers to the incredible things my daughter is learning at such a young age, I know she is getting excellent care. - Julie M. on 03/26/2015

So many things. The staff, the structure and schedule. The activities - play time, reading, arts and crafts, etc. - Theresa D. on 03/26/2015

Great hours - perfect for working parents Clean modern facilities Technology updates - tadpoles Caring teachers Reliability - Lena S. on 03/26/2015

Organization and consistency - Terah S. on 03/25/2015

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