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Very hands on with each individual child. I love the daily updates with pictures for what happened in school. The teachers and staff are absolutely amazing and very friendly! - Nicole G. on 01/10/2016

I know that my daughter is learning while having fun. The teacher take excellent care of my little girl! I can see the growth in a few short months and that's because of the hard work the teacher put into their lessons! - Regina G. on 01/10/2016

I like how you spend time with each child individually. It shows that you are as concern as the parents are about the children's development. The effort of teaching my child shows because she is bilingual.Everyday she will come home and tell me what she has learned, it gives me a lot of hope. I want to thank you guys, for your hard work. It means a lot:) - Hanisa S. on 01/10/2016

I like that kiddie academy of flushing takes the time to learn each child's personality with in a classroom. They always find ways to make learning both fun and extremely educational. - Sarah S. on 01/10/2016

Kindergarten children are organized well. Most time kids are doing something. - Sansan R. on 03/10/2015

I have seen my son learn so many amazing things. The education he receives is well rounded. Perhaps the most amazing thing I have found is that he can now communicate through sign language. - Christine M. on 03/04/2015

I like pretty much everything about your school so i will better say what I dont like. You do not issue monthly bills yet you charge $50 late fee if I dont pay by the 3rd of the month. Such a shady practice should not be used by respectable institutions. - Denis B. on 03/04/2015

The complete staff is very sweet and caring . My son loves the academy and I will recommend to try and see what I am talking .Highly recommend .I will give 110% out of 100. I love them - Khalid H. on 03/04/2015

In terms of care, the pro active nature of the care givers where the teachers are involved with the students rather than socializing with each other while the children play. This allows for an informed dialog with parents regarding the behavior of our child. Whatever practices are employed for teaching are working, as our son retains what he has learned and is able to explain as much when the subject matters discussed in class appear in every day matters. - Paul O. on 03/04/2015

Facility is clean. Lots of activities, my son is not bored. Caring teachers and staff. - Stephanie J. on 03/04/2015

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Our Academy is conveniently located by Northern Boulevard at 33-25 Parsons Boulevard, between 33rd and 34th Avenue.

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