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is a great for my son he learning every day with so many words and sentence every day is more and more... - Zulaira D. on 02/28/2015

Great Teacher and very professional staff. - Susana R. on 02/26/2015

The entire staff is caring, nurturing, attentive, kind and professional. They take care of my child with a loving hand which is a relief for me knowing there is outstanding care given to my child. I'm confident that when she is attending Kiddie Academy, she is safe and happy. - Lisa C. on 02/26/2015

Caring teachers and clean environments - Crystal F. on 02/26/2015

All of the teachers and staff and administrators in my opinion have shown the highest degree of care, kindness, responsibility and professionalism that I have ever seen at a school in my life. The facilities are also built and maintained at the highest level that I have ever experienced at a school. The educational approach that Kiddie Academy has is the ideal that I had always had in mind for a school and I feel all educational institutions can look to Kiddie Academy as a model for their curriculum and operation. I was absolutely overjoyed at the e-mails that were sent to the parents every day with pictures of their children at school along with summaries of what they were taught that day. My wife and I feel very very blessed to have been given this opportunity to have our child attend this school. Thank you very very kindly to everyone at Kiddie Academy! - Tohru B. on 02/26/2015

The staff and teachers are attentive to the students and parents. There is an effort made to create a community and partnership between the teachers and class with the parents. It seems to be a safe and fun environment and my daughter genuinely enjoys going to school everyday. - Wendy W. on 02/26/2015

The email alerts including the pictures that are sent to me! Also, the staffs are friendly and wonderful..Thank you. - Miri Choi- S. on 02/26/2015

That I get to read and sometime see what my daughter is learning and doing with the Email. - Charleny B. on 02/26/2015

Understandable and caring - Diana C. on 02/25/2015

Daily feedbacks with teachers, daily emails, easy approach, SAFE, CLEAN!!! - Mirlinda D. on 02/25/2015

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Our Academy is conveniently located by Northern Boulevard at 33-25 Parsons Boulevard, between 33rd and 34th Avenue.

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