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We have been sending our kids to Kiddie Academy of Hamilton for nearly 4 years now and we could not be happier. Pam and Kathy, who run this establishment, are absolutely amazing. They personally greet you at the front door every day and even schedule personal 1:1 meetings with you when you enroll to make sure they have a perfect transition plan for your little one(s). The teaching staff there are incredibly talented, caring, and loving. It's amazing to see how much they care about our children and we are beyond comfortable leaving our children in their hands. One of our most favorite features of this school is the fact that they have cameras in every classroom and even outside when the kids play for recess. I certainly don't feel that I need to watch my children or teachers at all times, but it's so wonderful to know that I can peek in whenever I want. All of the play equipment, furniture, and teaching materials are state-of-the-art. The curriculum this school has in place is truly incredible. I see such incredible development in my children, and I have Kiddie Academy to thank! - Adam R. on 01/22/2019

I love the structure of the class rooms and how the teachers know each kids strengths and weaknesses and help them along the way! - Dana Del A. on 12/13/2018

I really like how the structure of the day in terms of the activities are set up. The routine is something that my son has come to love and he is really thriving since we placed him in Kiddie Academy. You can see the growth in a short period of time and he is truly happy there. The teachers are great and you can tell me they love what they do. - Diana M. on 12/06/2018

I like that the students are taught with rigor every step of the they. From the little babies to pre-k. Each of my girls are treated like family, they have fun but they still are leading!!!! - Jennifer L. on 12/06/2018

I love the safety, cleanliness, and structured curriculum. The tadpoles/watch me grow communication is such an amazing feature. The facility & staff are wonderful. - Kristine G. on 10/03/2018

I’ve been so amazed by how much my child has gained since we walked through the door almost 4 years ago ! The teachers and staff are so hands on, and truly care about the kids. I often tell people that enrolling my daughter has been the best decision I have made as a parent! We love kiddie academy! - Katherine A. on 10/02/2018

A really great curriculum, which is structured in a way to nurture learning in a fun way. I really liked the weekly themes and show and share time seeing the kids to build confidence. Many of the art and science projects were great and had my daughter talking about them well after they were done. The teachers are also very caring and really take an interest in teaching my child. - Alex H. on 07/27/2018

The staff and teachers are the most caring individuals. The focus is education and learning and nothing else all the while ensuring the children are having a blast - Susanne H. on 07/27/2018

Only about 6 months ago, my daughter heard the word “daycare” on TV, and turned to me and said “What’s daycare?”. I explained it to her, and then went in the other room and cried because she legitimately had no idea what I was talking about. My kids never felt like they were in “daycare”, they know that they went to a “school” with amazing teachers who loved and cared for them. And in the end, I have two amazing, caring, social, well-behaved, well-adjusted, well-mannered, smarty pants that I am sending to Kindergarten and First Grade. It’s all I ever asked for, and I want you all to know how truly thankful I am for everything you have done to make this whole experience a great one. Not only for my kids, but for me too. - Jill P. on 06/21/2018

Everything has been great so far. - Desiree H. on 06/21/2018

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We are located on Quakerbridge Road in the VanNest Professional Park Between Hughes Drive and Youngs Road.

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