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The Kiddie Academy staff feels like family to us. My son loves going to school each day. He has grown leaps and bounds both socially and academically! We love it! - Corie M. on 05/19/2017

I feel secure that the staff aleays has my child's best interest at heart! They always take care and teach. - Brandy S. on 04/07/2017

We love being part of the Kiddie Academy family! All of the teachers/care givers were carefully picked. The school is always extremely sanitary. My son has learned so much. - GIna C. on 04/06/2017

I am writing this letter to express my sincere appreciation for everything Kiddie Academy of Hamilton has done for my son, Tyler Coe, over the past two years. Kiddie Academy has given him a safe place to grow and learn, and my husband and I have enjoyed seeing him mature and learn so much in school. Although we are leaving Kiddie Academy and awaiting baby #2, we go away with fond memories and a heavy heart. It is a decision that wasn’t made lightly, and I have cried over this decision more times than I would like to admit! I feel it appropriate to point out one teacher in particular who has been exceptionally wonderful, Sandy Godfrey. Tyler was lucky enough to have her as a teacher in two different classrooms at Kiddie Academy, and she has always demonstrated the utmost professionalism. My entire family absolutely adores her, and she will be greatly missed. Sandy was born to be a teacher, and her passion for teaching shows through every day. When you walk into her classroom, you feel her positive energy and the love she has for her students. As a parent, I had no hesitation leaving my child under her care, as I know that she truly cares for each and every one of her students. Tyler is stubborn, but I know that he respects her and (usually) listens to her. Her “no nonsense” yet overly caring personality is a great quality to have as a teacher. She is an asset to your company, and I hope that you know how lucky you are to have her! Thank you for everything you have done for my family!! Sincerely, Jessica Coe - Jessica C. on 02/17/2017

Both the owners and the teachers take an enthusiastic and active role in ensuring that our child has the best daily experience. It is so reassuring that while we work all day, our child is busy learning and playing at a daycare which he clearly loves. Thank you Kiddie Academy Hamilton! We highly recommend you! - Leesa D. on 12/15/2016

I fel in love with Kiddie Academy immediately. The owners are so personable, and greet you everyday. The entire staff are watm, caring and responsible! They treat my son as if he is their own. If you mention school to my son he gets so excited and runs for the door. The teachers keep him busy all day with different learning texhniques. He has learned so much there. I am at peace when i am working just knowing he is being well cared for. I would highly recommend this childcare center. - GIna C. on 12/12/2016

what we love about our school...... The teachers. There is no doubt our kids are loved and well taken care of. Whether it's some extra TLC for teething or toddler "issues" (we all know what they are!!! Haha), the teachers and staff are prepared to help them through it. There is no doubt our kids are being taught age appropriate activities and concepts, cared for, safe and having fun while we are away from them. - Jennifer C. on 12/12/2016

The entire Kiddie Academy staff is simply amazing. My mind is always at ease knowing that my daughter is under their care. She comes home every day with new words and gestures that I know she learned that day. They are there every step of the way not only for your child but for you, too! One day I locked myself out of my car and without hesitation, Pam said, "Lets go!" We jumped into her car and she drove me home for my spare keys! Talk about going above a beyond! They're surely practice what they preach! - Ashley R. on 12/10/2016

There are a million amazing things about Kiddie Academy of Hamilton. The level of academics is incredible! As an example, my two year old came home really excited about a science lesson, and talking about the process of photosynthesis in a completely appropriate way. She also told me that "f" is a consonant and a letter in the alphabet. She is two! All of our friends and family members are shocked and I swear it's because of the fun and engaging style by which they teach high level concepts in age appropriate ways. I am a teacher, so I appreciate the academic and curriculum piece very much, but as a working parent, the place where Kiddie Academy stands out head and shoulders above all other establishments is how they anticipate and meet the needs of the parents and families. My expectations are exceeded every single day, and that is not an exaggeration. Every single staff member from the top down is unbelievably friendly, helpful, and accommodating. Perhaps it is because the owners are unbelievable business owners and working parents themselves, who started their careers in corporate America, that they literally have thought through every possible need a parent could have in a day. Every time I think something is going to be a problem and will interfere with my work day, it requires a very quick and simple discussion, after which, I am on my way to work without any impact to my day, and better yet, my kids are beyond happy to go to school every day. I trust them implicitly with my children and I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to start our kids' education in such a positive environment. I highly recommend this Kiddie Academy. - Maureen H. on 10/12/2016

Everything about this facility is wonderful. We tried two other daycares and were completely dissatisfied before finding Kiddie Academy in Hamilton. The facility is pristine, the staff are all welcoming and friendly, and in my experience, everyone from the owners down care deeply about the emotional, social, and academic success of the children and the satisfaction of the families. My wife and I cannot believe how happy our kids are, and we are constantly impressed with the curriculum and learning activities. My daughter, who previously was reluctant to leave our sides, runs into her classroom each day. It is so comforting to know that our kids are so well taken care of, and so happy to be there. Our kids have grown and developed so much by attending and we whole heartedly recommend this Kiddie Academy. - David B. on 10/07/2016

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We are located on Quakerbridge Road in the VanNest Professional Park Between Hughes Drive and Youngs Road.

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