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My children have flourished under the Kiddie Academy care. - Susanne H. on 02/05/2016

Friendly staff members, clean environment, able to see what is going on in the classroom with the cameras. - Amy R. on 02/05/2016

We enrolled our daughter Cammie at the Kiddie Academy of Hamilton in October, and we could not be happier with our decision. My initial contact was Pam, and I was immediately impressed with her very warm and informative tour. She really took the time to explain to me exactly what my child would be learning, with examples of their teaching philosophy. I had toured four other preschools and none were nearly as professional, or as welcoming as this one was. Pam made my family feel very comfortable and taken care of, and I felt confident enrolling my daughter in the school that same day. Since then, I have not been disappointed in any way. Pam, Kathy, and Kayla (owners and the director) have been wonderful to us, and they are very friendly and approachable people to see every day. My daughter started out in Classroom 5 with Miss Amelia, Miss Kelly, and Miss Jacoby. I have been very impressed with all three teachers and my daughter absolutely loved their class! She would talk about her teachers when she'd get home from class, and I found her quickly learning many new things right away. She was showing me sign language, telling me how she sounded out new letters that she was learning, and she learned so many new songs that she sings all the time now. They worked with Cammie on potty training and she made a ton of progress thanks to her teachers! Another wonderful thing about the Kiddie Academy is the cameras in each classroom and on the playground. My husband and I can check in on my daughter any time we want to see how her day is going. Also, her grandparents love to check in to see what she is up to! The teachers are positive, kind, and do a fantastic job, and I feel 100% confident leaving Cammie with them. Recently, we learned Cammie would be moving on to the next level classroom and at first I was worried about the change (especially since she loved her classroom 5 teachers so much!). I soon found out that she would be moving on with five classmates she knew already - Kate H. on 01/08/2016

Love Everything, they are awesome - Kim M. on 01/08/2016

My child asks to go to school on the weekend. So i know they are doing something right. - Kim M. on 01/08/2016

We love the fact that the children have a focus on regular educational activities and that updates on their progression are provided regularly. Kiddie Academy provides healthy meal and snack options that really alleviate the concerns we have on what our child's intake options are. - Edward F. on 12/28/2015

This center continues to get better and better every day and I didn't think that was possible considering they have already exceeded my expectations. Yet somehow they continue to amaze me. Ms. Alyssa and Ms. Lauren are genuinely the sweetest, most caring ladies and I know they truly care for my Emma just as much as she and I care for them. Emma seems to have a real connection with her friends and her teachers and I know she is having a great time in class because she never wants to leave when I come to pick her up. I am amazed at the information she has been able to learn and retain. She is 3 and is able to recognize her name as well as a handful of letters and numbers. I am so thankful for the hard work and dedication the staff has always shown us. Thank you for taking such great care of us. - Randi P. on 11/27/2015

From the moment my daughter started at kiddie academy I noticed a huge change in her ability to focus, the information she learned and her overall joy about school. I was able to monitor with the tadpole app so that I could assist in furthering her at home as well. The whole experience has been amazing! - Brandy S. on 11/20/2015

Everything! I like everything here! The ability to check in on my child whenever I want via the camera, the daily reports, all of the pictures we get throughout the day are all amazing. The staff is always friendly and helpful and quick to respond to anything. Dahlia is learning so much! She is so far ahead of where I was at her age. She learns quickly and retains it and I think a massive part of this is that they learn through play. Everything is fun, and everything is a learning experience. Whether it's counting or letters or manners or hygiene, I trust the staff to prepare my daughter for the future and assist me in raising her since I have to work full time. She spends more time at school than awake at home, so this is huge for me. Trust. On top of all of this, she loves it here. She almost never wants to leave when we pick her up. She always wants to stay and play longer with her friends, even after almost 10 hours there! Thank you, Kiddie Academy, for being everything you promised to be :) - Jessica R. on 11/13/2015

I have watched my child excel in many different ways during her time at Kiddie Academy. I am so happy my child has been provided great education and curriculum, I most definitely noticed a difference in each class she has moved up from. The staff greets you with a warm welcome every morning and they really give me that assurance that my child is safe and happy. Thank you so much Pam, Kathy, and staff!!! - Jacqueline J. on 10/27/2015

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We are located on Quakerbridge Road in the VanNest Professional Park Between Hughes Drive and Youngs Road.

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