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First, I really like the communication aspect of the program. As parents we like to be abreast of what our children are doing and I think that KA of Kirkland scores high here. I also like their academic program for the children and I see a clear progress in my child's academic abilities. - Daniel K. on 01/15/2016

My son is learning so much, but its also very obvious the staff is incredibly caring! The activities he participates in are always so fun and interesting! - Stephanie S. on 01/14/2016

The staff are great, everyone seems to genuinely care about the kids and their wellbeing. My daughter is learning so much more than she ever would at home and is very happy - Dearbhla M. on 01/14/2016

1. Live Camera. Its a peace of mind to me. Also, my parents who live far away from here can have a glimpse of their grandkid, whenever they want. 2. The teachers in my kid's classroom. Infact we have been very happy with almost all the teachers, we had here. She has been here for about 3 years now, and we have very positive experience with the teachers. 3. Food. It being cooked in-house and served is a big benefit to us. - Biswa B. on 01/14/2016

Focused, comprehensive curriculum. My child is learning so much, she will be beyond ready for kindergarten. We absolutely love the teachers - they are amazing, thoughtful and kind. The entire staff has been great. - Joy G. on 01/14/2016

Friendly, consistent, prompt, caring, reliable...I could go on and on :). - Malia G. on 01/14/2016

caring and nice teachers. hands-on director and owner. clean facilities, classroom cameras - Patricia C. on 01/14/2016

great academic programm great teachers good communication with teacher, daily notifications on child s progress food cooked on site - Katarzyna K. on 01/14/2016

I appreciate that you let Kindering come to provide services. - Suzanne T. on 09/07/2014

I like that the center is open to feedback from parents, and seems to have a good sense of kids' needs and development. I hope they keep their eye on this ball, and never forget that the value of their business lies in helping children learn and develop, not in making money. - Karena O. on 09/02/2014

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