Testimonials from Kiddie Academy of Kirkland

“caring and nice teachers. hands-on director and owner. clean facilities, classroom cameras”

Patricia C.


“great academic programm great teachers good communication with teacher, daily notifications on child s progress food cooked on site”

Katarzyna K.


“I appreciate that you let Kindering come to provide services.”

Suzanne T.


“I like that the center is open to feedback from parents, and seems to have a good sense of kids' needs and development. I hope they keep their eye on this ball, and never forget that the value of their business lies in helping children learn and develop, not in making money.”

Karena O.


“The teachers are very good and take good care of the kids. I like the activities that they do with them.”

Daniel G.


“Its a good balance between academy-like and home-like environment for the kids”

Kedarnath N.


“The teachers make an effort to keep the kids occupied and happy. My son is always happy to arrive and sad to leave.”

Shilpa M.


“You guys are doing an awesome job. I am very impressed by the new things my child learns everyday!! Keep up the good work !!”

Salini S.


“Kiddie Academy of Kirkland is my daughter's daycare. I am blessed to have the facility like them near by and now we are looking to find a bigger place to live, but my search of the house is limited to the area where I can still use the Kiddie Academy of Kirkland! Teachers are great, very personal, facility is very clean and advanced, very consistent in what they do and above all - they treat my daughter VERY nicely. The "Watch Me Grow" webcam adds great sense of security, being able to see the child while you are away, is a huge benefit. The center is very personal, and yet they have the franchise expertise and knowledge that is being returned on kids - summer camp activities and books they read in the classes, all good influence on the child. Overall I am so thankful that my daughter goes to Kiddie Academy of Kirkland and I have been recommending to the folks who have the questions about the daycare centers. Please, keep up your great work!”

Shoko Y.


“Love Kiddie Academy! We are so happy to have our son attend your school. He has been to montessori and other daycares but he learns WAY more at KA. Also the teachers our son has LOVE him and it shows. I love that they hug him and can say that they love him. Someschools don't allow certain things like that but it's done well at KA and I appreciate it. It sends a wonderful message. I LOVE all the email communications but honestly it is hard to tell if it's an important email or just a "here's what we did today" and I find myself MISSING opening certain emails that tend to then be really important. I will try to do better but understand that happens with so many non important emails sent too. I am happy that the time before school care got sorted out. I hate not knowing whih classroom to drop him off at and he gets bounced around. LOVE all theprojects they do. LOVE all the summer camp activities. LOVE Ramen and Miss Debbie. You work SO HARD. Love the cook. Our son loves her food.”

Nicole S.


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